Business Essay Examples

Hobson’s Choice Summary

The class divisions of the 1880s are clear to see in the little scene when Alice, Vickey and Hobson find out Maggie intends to marry Willie. Alice says, ‘what you do touches us’ and this is true, as Maggie’s marriage to a man from a lower social class would be seen by many as a… View Article

Business communication review

Introduction A group of friends and I have decided to make a small business known as ‘Beyond The Scoop’. I have now been asked to create a detailed report on the different type of communication. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION Video Conferencing image00.png Video conferencing is widely being used as the rise of technology is improving. Video conferencing… View Article

Business ownerships

The different types of business ownerships are: Sole trader. When only one person owns the business. They do not share the profits with anyone; a sole trader is somebody who controls his/her own business. Have unlimited liability. They can employ people to help them at work but they have sole responsibility of the business. The… View Article

Stakeholders Analysis

A Stakeholder is someone who has any interest in the business any one who is affected by the business. Some examples are: customers, suppliers, employees, local community, and local sports clubs. The stakeholders will vary depending on what the business is and who it affects. Stakeholders in Falconi brothers include Competitors Other businesses USDAW-Trade unions… View Article

The key personal features needed

CASE STUDY: Laurie and Joe want to open up a hairdressing salon. They have had previous experience running and managing a shop and now they want to run their own business. Write a report discussing the key personal features needed, suitable establishment options for Laurie and Joe and finance options they should take into account…. View Article

Business Ownership Choices – 10 Mark Question

Orion Designs was established five year ago by Amita Patel and her friend, Yi Ling, after they both finished Art and Design courses. Orion Designs is run as a partnership between the two women. There are currently no other partners. Amita and Yi create hand drawn designs in their studio which is located on an… View Article

Job Interview Questions with analysis

Why is it appropriate to the role of retail assistant? 1. Why did you apply for the job of retail assistant at Primark? * In the job advert it asks ‘Do you have a passion for fashion?” * In the job advert it asks for “good communication skills” * In the person specification asks for… View Article

Comparison of the poems Half-caste and Not My Business

John Agard and Niyi Osundare have both written poems that protest about events or attitudes of people. Agard is From the Caribbean where the population is made up of people from lots of different races. Therefore he is used to being around people of mixed race and will know from first hand experience how horrible… View Article

Protecting staff through legislation

Understand how equal pay and minimum wage laws affect business Understand the laws against discrimination at work and during recruitment Understand employment rights of workers Understand health and safety laws A minority of small businesses will treat staff unfairly; to protect them is the legislation Act. Equal Pay Act – Created in 1970 the equal… View Article

Managing Diversity

1. Put forward a business case for taking a ‘managing diversity’ approach at Hinchliffe Cards. Britain now has one of the most diverse workforces in the world, consisting of a wide range of religions and ethnic backgrounds. However, diversity is not just acknowledged in terms of religious and ethnic origin. It can refer to political… View Article

How did the nature of work change during the 20th century?

The industrial revolution transformed the nature of work. It involved a breakthrough in the use of inanimate energy and power, massive investment in industries such as iron, coal, and textiles and a transport revolution. Industrialization changed the dimension of work. In pre-industrial society “those who are employed experience a distinction between their employers time and… View Article