Business Essay Topics

Investors Gain New Clout

From the many problems now being experienced by the US in their economy and the way they conduct their businesses, legislators and other groups are turning to new ways to improve the old system and pull America’s economy out of its slump. The latest among these moves is the move by the legislative to give… View Article

The Award Phase – You Decide

Unfortunately the catering business did not generate the expected profits therefore you are in the process of dissolving the business. You have no use for the high quality cooking equipment that was leased for the catering business. You assume the chefs will continue in the cooking business and can use the equipment. It would be… View Article

Problems in Setting Up and Running a Business Unit

A business unit, sometimes called a strategic business unit or SBU, is a segmented group or department within a company that focuses on reaching a specific market or client. It may also focus on achieving a specific goal for the organization. While some businesses find success with this strategy, there are concerns and potential problems… View Article

Shopping Malls

In just under the past fifty years, small family businesses are gradually being shut out, and are rarely being visited by the people in their local communities. This affects small businesses in a negative way. For example, many shops on Main Street are gradually becoming a thing of the past due to the consequences of… View Article

Failure In Small Business

It is actually a fact that only about 53% of small businesses are not able to keep on trading after three years after their preliminary set up. Some of the businesses fail within their first year of operation. There are so many reasons why this tends to happen. However, business failure does not only happen… View Article

International Business Opportunities

Commercial poultry farming is a relatively stable business venture. It involves breeding hens and selling eggs. An entrepreneur can commence this business with little initial capital. It is a tedious business but the returns are worthwhile. The intake of chicken in the globe is rising each year. Foreign markets like China are abounding with potential…. View Article

International Business Environment

Venturing into new business and market frontiers like Malaysia requires extensive understanding of the environment in terms of the political establishment, business potential, legal and regulatory framework, and availability of resources, socio-cultural aspects and to an extent geographical position and infrastructural development of the country. The research and analysis of these key and crucial factors… View Article

Business Case

This business case outlines how the e-Saman project will address current business concerns, the benefits of the project, and alternative of the project. The business case also discusses detailed project goals, project’s MOV and alternative options. 1 Problem or Opportunity Currently, when students are summoned by the auxiliary police, they need to come to auxiliary… View Article

Invisible Hand

The invisible hand indicates situations that individuals pursuing their own self-interest leads to the social interest. It is all about free-market principles in operation and how they create desired results. The invisible hand reduces to a “laissez-faire” philosophy that sees government intervention into the markets as a real problem. The market mechanism of supply and… View Article

Behavioural Skills for Business

When looking at what a manager should be doing and what Richard has been doing it is easy to see that he is struggling to properly understand what being a manager actually entails. While there have been many theorists over the years all trying to show what being a manager truly means I think that… View Article

Impacts of the Current Economic and Financial Crisis on Trade

The current economic and financial crisis is the least the world expects and wishes to happen at this time. Considering the political, social and environmental upheavals happening in almost every continent around the world, people have to face yet another form of crisis that hits them right in the pocket and through their stomachs. Everyone… View Article

Sole Proprietorship

The sole proprietor is an unincorporated business with one owner who pays personal income tax on profits from the business. With little government regulation, they are the simplest business to set up or take apart, making them popular among individual self-contractors or business owners. Many sole proprietors do business under their own names because creating… View Article

International Business

Q.2 a) Evaluate the different ways in which Bata has interacted with foreign political systems in its investments and operations abroad. ANS – Multinational enterprises (MNEs) like Bata must operate in countries with different political and legal conditions, so the political impact on the foreign investments is very important. This paper explains this issue based… View Article

International business climate

There are various factors which are used in measuring the business climate of a nation and also globally. Some of these factors are energy costs, business income tax levels, market size, life’s quality, infrastructure, incentives, workforce availability and others. Globally, the investors are known to monitor the share prices of most business corporations in order… View Article

International Business Climate

1.0 Introduction Business climate refers to the economic environment in general which depicts how businesses and business activities are supported by the government as well as the lending institutions. Business climate is also a reflection of the attitude of the labor unions toward inflation rates, taxation rates, employers and other issues which affect business activities … View Article