Business Essay Topics

Evaluating the effects that the alternative approaches may have on the structure and functions of WHSmith, and how they achieve their objectives

Evaluating the effects that the alternative approaches may have on the structure and functions of WHSmith, and how they achieve their objectives When looking at effects that will arise due to alternative approaches WHSmith could change to help the company meet its objectives, I must look how these changes will affect the structure, how the… View Article

How to measure employees’ performance

Emulation of strategies incorporated amongst organizations is a tell-tale whereby the former company is performing admirably efficient and effective through well formulated resources allocation on its strategy. Of the many decisions a company must face to achieve success is how to measure employees’ performance and how to reward them (Kleiner and Gautreau 2001). For the… View Article

Quarry Bank Mill – questions and answers

1) Why did Samuel Greg establish a cotton mill in Styal in 1784? Greg established a cotton mill rather than a silk mill or other type of factory because cotton was the material that everyone wanted. Greg was a cotton merchant so he knew of all the advances in technology that were making it easier… View Article

The strategic international human resource management

In order to explore the role of strategic international Human Resource management in making multi-national organisations competitive, this assignment reflects the strategic international human resource management issues that the branch of the Vietnamese Pha Lai glass company has to face through human resource process: (Polycentric approach). – Some introduction about Pha Lai glass manufactory –… View Article

Business Studies – Recruitment and Selection

Every business or organisation has a recruitment department, which is often undertaken by recruiters. It can be undertaken by an employment agency or even a member of staff at the business organisation. Human resources run the recruitment process. Recruitment (run by the human resource department) is the process of finding the right possible candidates for… View Article

Functional areas at Alton Towers

The functional areas at Alton Towers are: – * MARKETING – Identifying what the customer wants and supplying it. * COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS – Analysing retail outlets within the organisation and financing payback as well as organising school units. * INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Analysing all the information that is available for all aspects of the business… View Article

Falconi removals business

Falconi removals business I will choose for them location in my area Harehills road because is good busy place. Is good connection to big local stores as continental, electrical superstores. Falconi business is depending now much works them received from customers. I think Harehills area will give those lots local customers who moving the houses… View Article

Formal statements that are prevalent

Formal statements that are prevalent -? Suggest what about the organization? “Cisco Systems’ vision is to change the way we work, live, play and learn. Our mission is to shape the future of the Internet in ways that empower individuals to participate fully in our vision. This powerful shared vision and mission is what we… View Article

McGregor -Theory X and Theory Y

McGregor, an American psychologist, built upon earlier studies into the psychology of the workplace. From these studies he constructed a model of management attitudes, and from this model demonstrated that managers, wittingly or unwittingly, strongly dictated the type and attitude of workers in their employ. McGregor firstly examined the work of Taylor. In the early… View Article

The purpose of this report is to design and create a medium sized business

Introduction As part of the human Resource assignment we are looking at Tiny Togs Ltd., which is a well-established clothing company. Which manufacturing company. Which is located in Manchester. Tiny togs manufactures clothes for children Tiny Togs has appointed K training. K training is specialised in all aspects of human recourses. Tiny togs manufacture cloth… View Article

Investigate differing learning styles of an AVCE second year student group

1. Abstract This report investigates differing learning styles of an AVCE second year student group. Firstly the report provides a critical account of the context of the course; it’s provision and relevant information about the learners and how some aspects of learning theory can be applied within the delivery of the Project Management module. Taking… View Article

How does your business interpret internal / external staffing information

An important task for the personnel department is to make sure that human resource planning is carried out. It is like marketing planning and it is planning of the overall business. If the employees within the business are used effectively then the business’s objectives are achieved. Planning of human resources will help the business to… View Article