Business Essay Topics

Internalization theory best explains CEMEX’s FDI

1.Which theoretical explanation (or explanations) of FDI best explains CEMEX’s FDI? 1.Internalization theory best explains CEMEX’s FDI because CEMEX entered into many countries and bought domestic cement businesses instead of licensing. CEMEX has a great system and needs to protect it from competitors. 2.What value does CEMEX bring to a host economy? Can you see… View Article

Critically review the situation at RestaurantCo

This essay analyses the case of RestaurantCo, a large non-unionised restaurant company with over 300 branches across the UK, and more than 7000 employed staff members (Suter & Marchington 2011). According to Brad and Gold (2012, p.401) the term non-unionised is a ‘workplace, where managers have flexibility in designing work, selecting, promotion and training people,… View Article

The Role of Managers in Each Functional Area of Business

Managers are essential for any type of business in order to succeed. They are specialists required to perform a particular set of specialized roles that are dependent on the functional area in which they work [1]. Their rule cannot be ignored. They are the ones who are responsible of planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling… View Article


Business is an economic activity and decision making by the management is an economic process. It will be influenced by economic and non economic environment of business. You will appreciate that the business environment is quit complex, with heterogeneous elements in the environment. A manager must understand and analyse this process of interaction. In particular,… View Article

Auditing and Assurance Notes

Week 1 Purpose of audit – enhance the degree of confidence of intended users in the financial report. Expression of an opinion by the auditor on whether – the FR is prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with applicable financial reporting framework. Opinion – whether the FR is presented fairly, in all material aspects,… View Article

Cloud Computing – Risk or Opportunity

Abstract Cloud computing is a term that refers to sources and computer systems available on demand through the network, which can provide a number of computer services integrated without being restricted local resources in order to make it easier for the user and include those resources space for data backup and synchronization self also includes… View Article

Debate the proposition that employers are more concerned with controlling employee behaviour than they are with eliciting employee commitment.

It can be said that employers have become increasingly concentrated towards controlling employee’s behaviour than endeavouring to attain employee commitment in organisations. Control can be defined as “To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over” . However this can become controversial when applied to working with people therefore as a countermeasure commitment has been introduced to… View Article

Profitability of Network Marketing Business in Frontrow Enterprise Philippines Incorporated at Quezon City

Introduction Business networking is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like business-minded people recognize, create or act upon business opportunities. A business network is a type of social network whose reason for existing is business activity. There are several prominent business networking organizations that create models of networking activity that, when followed, allow the… View Article

Ethical Decisions

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how a salesman, Joe Smith, uses the common good approach to make an ethical decision in making a possible uniform sale between UWEAR and Peninsula Hotels, Bill Batesman, CEO. Joe Smith has been reprimanded the year before when he signed the contract with Peninsula Hotels because the… View Article

Lafleur Trading Company Selected Service Request Analysis

These days, being a long-established business is not enough for success. Look at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Research In Motion, and Blockbuster Video. These companies failed in the task of collecting data, analyzing that data, and making intelligent decisions based on that data and now they are either slowly failing, losing market share, or, in Blockbuster’s… View Article

Ict Impact on Accounting

Introduction The purpose of this commentary is to explore how information and communication technologies (ICT) have forever changed many aspects of business and accounting practice and, as a result, offer new and exciting research opportunities to accounting professionals and academics. In today’s computerized, interconnected, global business environment, the accounting profession must deal with a host of… View Article

“Does this Milkshake Taste Funny?”

The major players in this case study are George Stein and Paul Burnham with regards to their employment at Eastern Dairy. The major issues at play relate to poor business planning, improper management, lack of ethics (decisions made by George and Paul) and social responsibility (the possible health issues of related to the contaminated products)…. View Article

Insy 3270 Week 2 Chapter 2 Case on Case

1. Describe the global economy forces that pushed creativity to move up the value chain. Creativity is one of the top five wholesale suppliers to national craft chains in the United States with 500 employees and for office and warehouse locations in California and one in Hong Kong. Studies are showing that the company creativity… View Article

Ethical Values in Business

The corporate world – an integral part of our lives, the soul of a country’s economic growth, a world filled with hustle – bustle 24*7, a world that generates employment for every second person you meet… But, sadly, it is also the domicile of power games and foul play and this is the reason why… View Article

Discuss the extent to which Consumer Law achieves its objectives

The most efficient way for consumers to get what they want is through the ‘market’, not the government, but businesses have more power than their customers. Some businesses can and will use abuse this power and cheat and steal from consumers to make money. Because of this, the government regulates the behaviour of businesses to… View Article