Business Essay Topics

I am designing a data system for a 3D ICT company that sells and makes a wide range of equipment to make 3D packages for other business and websites. The business ahs been going well over the last year where we first opened our doors to the public, sales are up and the company needs… View Article

How important are staff/management relations?

A good relationship between staff and management is one in which each party respects and trusts one another, communicates with and understands one another and understands clearly what is expected of each other. Each party must make a fair contribution towards satisfying the interests of the other party. Demands placed on each other must be… View Article

Introduction to business

A business function is the different jobs that people do or the different departments that form the basis of an organisations structure. The six business functions are Human Resources, Marketing, research and development, production, finance and administration. Human Resources deal with many different aspects of a business. They deal with recruitment, Job descriptions, dismissals, redundancy… View Article

Family run business Wyncraft

As a Family run business Wyncraft produces high quality decorative home wear, ranging from mainly wooden products as well as high quality pottery, decorative metals and table decorations. Wyncraft will produce these quality products by using wood from only sustainable Norwegian Forests to maintain the future of the business and the environment from which the… View Article

The Paradoxical Twins Acme and Omega Electronics

From reading this case study I found that Acme and Omega have problems that need to be looked at. Both firms produce similar products and offer similar services. In this assignment I am going to analyse the forms of control used in Acme and Omega. I will also try and comment on both firms effectiveness…. View Article

BPO: The Boon with a Twist

The India business process outsourcing (BPO) ‘success story’ needs to be tempered with a strong dose of caution. The two issues that this paper seeks to raise viz. employees’ welfare and working at the lower end of the value chain, need to be addressed if indeed the BPO phenomenon is to be called a ‘boon’… View Article

Organisational Structure Key terms Chain of command

Chain of command – Line linking the top of the structure to the bottom workers Top to bottom Responsibility Accountability Horizontal – People on the same line, but usually in different departments. A span of control is the number of people one person is in charge of. Tall Hierarchal structures Those with a long chain… View Article

Job roles within Asda

The area manager Philip Davies has a clear but hard Job which he gets well rewarded for, Philip Davies has to make major and long term decisions which could be vital to Asda, obviously he has to actually run he business day in day out and he has to attend regularly board of directors meetings… View Article

British Airways “Flying into a Storm”

Introduction 3 1. A brand new company management 4 1.1- Major evolutions in the corporate strategy 4 a) Several breaking points in the policy statement 4 b) Actions implemented 5 1.2- A less “people-oriented” leadership 7 a) Before Ayling: a severe but participative management 7 b) After Ayling’s coming: a management centred on administrative and… View Article

The 3M Company Case Study

Introduction The 3M Company is a $18 billion diversified technology company with leading positions in health care, safety, electronics, telecommunications, industrial, consumer and office, and other markets. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, 3M has operations in more than 60 countries, serving customers worldwide. 3M is one of the “top 50 “Fortune 500 companies and has… View Article

Investigation into customer service at Safeway Willerby

On Monday the 17th of February my Business group went to the Safeway Superstore in Willerby to interview the customer services manager, Andy Bostock. This was good customer service for us as it is a busy store and he gave up time for us, and with also been customers it was good that he acknowledged… View Article

The implications of a current business issue on Human Resource Management

Introduction Career Management plays an important role in every organisation’s operations. Career management involves “planning and shaping the progression or movement of individuals within an organisation by aligning employee preferences and potential with organisational resourcing needs”1. Career Management seeks “to get and keep the talented people it needs.”2 For an organisation to maintain these employees… View Article