Business Essay Topics

Internal and External Constraints Affecting Top Gear plc

In this task I shall discuss the many difficulties facing Top Gear plc and the internal and external constraints that may affect the company. I will also include constraints that the Personnel Manager will have to keep in mind when he is preparing job advertisements, and, use examples to show how these constraints will affect… View Article

National Westminster Bank

Q1. Analyse the customer contact process during the account opening procedure. What aspects of the branch’s operation impact on each stage? From analysing the branch’s operation it is clear to see which parts of the banks operation impacts each stage of the account opening procedure. Firstly the customer arrives into the bank, usually customers go… View Article

Co-ordinate implementation of customer service strategie

Brief Background McDonalds is a well admired, large organization of approximately 5,500 locally owned and operated businesses all around the world. Food quality is the key at McDonald’s as is has implemented rigorous food safety standards for almost 50 years, and the fast food restaurant has been recognized for its popular and well known meals,… View Article

Leisure and Recreation in Action

Unit 6: Leisure and Recreation in action is a mandatory part of my AVCE Leisure and Recreation Course. This unit includes planning, organising and hosting a leisure and recreation event. We found out at the end of July 2005 that we were going to have to hold an event for a certain customer group. We… View Article

Investigate their human resources, administration, finance and sales

Marks and Spencer’s have many different store departments but also have many different departments of their business, its functional areas. I am going to look at and investigate their human resources, administration, finance and sales and marketing departments to then see how each contributes to the running of Marks and Spencer’s. Human Resources: The human… View Article

What is employee development?

Commercial and industrial organisations operate in a dynamic business environment. Market, technological, personnel and other changes have far-reaching effects on companies and unless they are prepared and able to move with the times their competitiveness is battered and their opportunities for growth reduced. People hold the key to more productive and efficient organisations. The way… View Article

Investigating Cameron Balloons

Cameron Balloons The first business I have chosen is Cameron Balloons. I have chosen this business because it seems interesting to me about investigating a hot air balloon manufacturer. Activity Cameron Balloons manufacture Hot Air Balloons, Inflatables and also Airships, which are also known as Blimps. Cameron Balloons are also known for their special shaped… View Article

Developing and assessing employees

“Success in a business requires discipline, training and hard work. But if you aren’t frightened by these things, opportunities are just as great today as they were.” David Rockefeller (US banker, 1915-present) As a human resource manager in an Interior Designing Company, Venture Interiors, I will be tackling training and development, and performance management in… View Article

Present Proposals for Improvements to customer service

Introduction: In this assignment I will research a business through either the Internet or visiting the actual location and describe what type of customer service does that business have. I will pass judgement by listing all the facilities that the business has installed to facilitate and benefit their customers. I will base my research on… View Article

The Abyss

With a terrible cry the Balrog fell forward, and its shadow plunged down and vanished. But even as it fell it swung its inferno whip, and the thongs lashed and curled about the Wizard’s knees, dragging him to the brink. He staggered and fell, grasped vainly at the stone, and slid into the abyss. Gandalf… View Article

Management Styles

Is a term that refers to the nature of the relationship between managers and non-managerial workforce. It includes not only the personal relationship between people but also the style of communication and the attitudes that managers have of employees and the attitudes they generate in employees. The term “leadership” is sometimes used. This refers to… View Article

Internal and External Constraints Facing Venetian Ices Ltd

Constraints are laws, which the company must abide by. There are two different types of constraints; these are internal and external constraints. Internal constraints are those that the company controls their selves such as: * Availability of finance * Existing company policy * Peoples behaviour External constraints are decisions that are made outside the company’s… View Article

The Colourhouse

Introduction The business I have chosen to report about is a high quality sheet fed printers called The Colourhouse. This means that they provide the best possible printing work that they can. Sheet fed printers are best suited for shorter runs and where showcase quality is required. Sheet fed presses can also run heavier paper… View Article

Performance management in UFI

Before UFI can start giving employees bonuses or begin to sack people they need to know how well they and the business is performing. On the 10th of May each year UFI will release their end of year report, which shows how well they have performed during the past year, on the same date they… View Article

Two sports organisations manage their health, safety and security

You are a sport scientist investigating how two sports organisations manage their health, safety and security. You must include an example of promotional material, which is related to a specific health and safety hazard, as well as discuss the types of guidelines relevant to customers and employees. The different methods of distribution and evaluation of… View Article