Creating Sustainable Workplace Essay

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Creating Sustainable Workplace

Thinking more broadly about sustainability (see above), reflect on your personal life. How sustainable is your life style? What can you do to make it more sustainable? Write your responses to these questions. Based on the aforementioned definitions and descriptions of sustainability, it is important to put emphasis personal sustainability for it is the aspect that lacks attention. As for my own assessment of my personal sustainability, my life is quite on the right track. I practiced habits that promote health and wellness. However, I admit that I have some lapses in my behavior that I need to improve.

I tend to push myself in doing things without thinking the consequences in my health. I spend some time working and studying until the morning which I know is very unhealthy. I also like fast food and eating out for it is convenient for me, which I know have negative impacts on my health and on the environment that eating organic. I need to change some of my attitudes and behavior in order to attain personal sustainability. I need to set limits and improve my time management skills to effectively manage my life. Assignment #3: Observe practices of sustainability at your internship location.

Interview 2 people and ask them what the organization does to promote sustainability. What practices do you see and hear that support sustainability? Think broadly here; providing livable wages is as much a sustainable practice as recycling! Discuss what you saw and heard in your interviews that tell you how well the organization is supporting sustainability practices. What thoughts do you have for what the can do to enhance its practices? The company I am working as an intern promotes sustainable practices and inculcates them to their employees as part of their corporate social responsibility.

The company provides appropriate and proper wages on their employees as well as medical benefits. Also, the work hours are convenient to promote personal sustainability. As part of their corporate social responsibility, they practice waste segregation to help the environment. They also try as much as possible to minimize their wastes or garbage in the office. For example, the used papers are used as scratch papers to take notes. This is done to help reduce pollutants and to promote environmental sustainability.

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