Discussion Non Economic Development Essay

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Discussion Non Economic Development

* Why might a country in an early stage of economic and technical development want to limit importation of goods from more developed countries? They might want to sale the same products that these developed countries already have mastered and marketed well. It might be in there interest to enact protectionist legislation. They want to be able sale as much of their domestic product without competition from dominant developed countries firms. This would increase the market share available to sale to their citizens.

* When the U. S. enacts tariffs on lumber imported from Canada who in the U. S. benefits from that tariff (not counting the government itself since that’s where the money paid as a tariff goes)? Who’s hurt? U. S. lumber companies and its stakeholders all benefit from tariffs enacted by the Federal government against lumber imported. This makes U. S. lumber companies more competitive and limits the amount of Canadian lumber able to enter US markets. US consumers are hurt by these tariffs we are not able to get the best possible price.

It is not good for commerce in general for the government to be creating artificial prices. The market should be creating prices through supply and demand from interactions between buyers and sellers. * What is the impact of global commerce on world peace? Global commerce is helpful in some areas but it can be the thing that will start the next world war. For centuries man has been fighting over the right to control markets and be able to do business in certain parts of the world.

There are obviously not enough resources for every country to be strong producers of products as the United States. It is a fact of capitalism that everyone cannot be the rich. Every country can’t be sellers of the same product. The closest possible thing we can do is get some equality. I do not see how developing countries can advance to the level of US-like status without the US or other developed countries declining.

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