Economic development and social standing of women in low income countries Essay

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Economic development and social standing of women in low income countries

‘The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world’ is a famous saying that is pertinent to the argument that analysts make about development of women in low income countries depending on the raising of social standing of women in these countries. Because, Women are the nourishing ground of human resource of any society. Children are the future citizens of a Nation and the global world. High standards of women in society lead to a rich human resource.

A productive human resource is the most important potential of a country for economic growth and prosperity, which further brings about a total development of that nation. Women are the grassroots of such a growth. Therefore it is very logical to argue that economic development in low income countries highly depends on women and their empowerment, the raising of their social standing in that society. “Family is a social institution found in all cooperative groups to oversee the bearing and raising of children throughout the world” wrote John J Macionis (2006).

Children who are raised by equal status, educated mothers, in developed countries grow up to go to higher levels of education and become responsible adults of the nation. The women thus use their time and resources to development of their children. But the women in under developed low income countries do not have an access to such resources like education and good health. Their social standing is low and hence these nations give rise to an underdeveloped population which in turn results in low economy of the country. These countries are patriarchal and believe in supremacy of

Economic development men. Women are a neglected section and thus they remain at the lowest strata of that society. “Gender stratification plays a vital role in socialization of families, peers, schooling, and mass media” says John J Macios (2007). Raising standards of women will therefore bring about an elevation in the standards with which they raise their own children. Upliftment of women, their empowerment, providing these women social dignity, facilities of good health and sanitation, education and career skills is an important factor that needs attention in low income Countries.

With an equality of genders both, men and women could make valuable contributions to the economy of their country. Not only economic development but the overall enrichment of the human resource of the whole world will then take place. Sociologists the world over argue about the dependence of social status of women in low income countries with their economy because investment in human resource is the only answer to development and optimization of natural resource. Respected, educated, healthy, happy mothers are the only answer to a well developed world.

Not just for a few countries and not just for economy but for the good health of the Universe, women all over the world deserve a high status in society. They really are the ones who teach children to become good and responsible adults, and this is the only way economic development can take place. Therefore sociologists agree and analysts argue that economy of the country depends upon the social standing of women in that country with special reference to the low income nations of the world.


Macionis, J. J. (2006). Society: The Basics. Pearson Education.

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