Economics Essay Examples

What has happened to Canada’s demographic over the past 50 years?

In the past 50 years, Canada’s population demographics have changed, in that the whole population has gotten much more older. In the 1950s, the distribution of the population was in a pyramid form, while by 2006 the shape does not resemble a pyramid. (see Fig. I) This means that the bulge is in the middle,… View Article

The Benefits of Microcredit to Bangladesh

Bangladesh, with a population of more than 140 million, is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Almost half of the total population is still living below the poverty line earning less than $1 a day. The various dimensions of the country’s poverty are manifested in terms of inequality in income distribution… View Article

Macroeconomics Article Commentary

The worst problems surrounding youth unemployment in Scotland are not over, a Scottish Government Minister told MSPs today. Despite statistics showing a rise in jobs on offer, Minister for Youth Employment Angela Constance said that such a claim would be foolish. She said that improvements in Scotland’s economy would resolve some problems of getting young… View Article

Farmers see trouble as tomato prices nosedive

The main problem outlined in the article is low price of tomatoes in Coimbatore market, Tamil nadu. This is a result of surplus of tomatoes in Coimbatore caused by high supply of tomatoes. The basic economic problem, that is, for whom to produce? (Distribution of goods) is being faced by the farmers. In this graph,… View Article

Is Economics as old as the first Transaction between Men?

To what extent do you agree with this statement? It can be said that economics is as old as the first transaction between men and I completely agree with this statement. It must, however, be noted that the importance of economics in people’s lives has greatly increased over the ages. In days gone by, other… View Article

An Investigation of Vietnam’s Barriers of Economic Growth and Development

Over the past few decades, Vietnam has made remarkable recovery from the damage of war and political reforms. Under Vietnam’s communist party, the country’s economy has transitioned from a centrally planned economy to a socialist-oriented market economy. Making it a multi-sectored commodity economy regulated by the people, whilst under state management and ownership. Numerous reforms,… View Article

World Economics assignment

Introduction In this report, it will introduce the World Economy. Main focus is the key feature of the global economic environment. The core economic issues that are focused on in this report are trade, international payments, exchange rates and economies undergoing change. Procedure To gather the required information to produce this report, extensive usage of… View Article

IB Economics Commentary – Australia MPs Pass Carbon Tax

The Australian government will bring in one of the world’s biggest carbon emissions trading schemes after MPs passed two bills by senators that are expected to vote into law in November. A carbon tax is an environmental tax levied on the carbon content of fuels. A negative externality of production occurs when the production of… View Article

What is Economics?

All economic problems arise because of scarcity: our wants exceed the resources available to satisfy them. Rich and poor alike are faced with scarcity. Scarcity means that there is not enough of that item to satisfy everyone who wants it. The opposite is abundance. Things that are scarce are also know as Economic Goods, which… View Article

Why do political questions so often boil down to economic issues?

A state is not able to function normally when there is no agreement between the two most essential factors which build this state. The first of these elements is politics. Politics is the art which consists of the ability to organize and coordinate the work of large social groups. Another important factor is economy which… View Article

Economics Commentary – article on the Haitian Earthquake

IN JANUARY last year, the quake causes the 2004 Asian tsunami, which kill 250,000 people and 300,000 injured. People were living under sheeting strung across wooden poles. There were too many vulnerable homeless people that aid agency can’t fit them in tens. People are trapped in supermarkets, debris and so on. I feel really sorry… View Article

IB Price Floors Commentary

Price floors are instruments that are used by the government to raise the minimum price at which the goods can be sold at, hence increasing the quality of life of the people that are producing the good. Rice from Thailand was being sold at 13,00 thousand baht, however the price floor that the government has… View Article