Education Essay Examples

The Dangers of Concussions in US Sports

Concussions in Sports Given the potential for life threatening brain injuries or career ending head shots, concussions have become a growing problem in sports around the world. A phrase all too common in sports today is, “he got his bell rung.” This is, of course, referring to a big hit or gruesome body check sustained… View Article

Threats to the Olympic Ideals

The ancient Olympic games can be traced back to 776 B.C., and were founded on honorable principles of sportsmanship, fairness, character and civility. The goals of the ancient Olympics encouraged good relationships throughout Greek cities and focused on sportsmanship between athletes. Truce, or the ekecheiria was the most important rule during these times. This meant… View Article

Why is Education so Important?

It Gives Knowledge “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ” – Benjamin Franklin A direct effect of education is knowledge gain. Education gives us knowledge of the world around. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us form opinions and develop a point of view. The information we… View Article

High School Life

It was in the year 2009, I was a graduating elementary student back then, when our adviser talked to me, together with my fellow honor students, regarding our plans after graduation. The conversation included where we wanted to study in high school. Most of us said that a simple school will do, what’s important for… View Article

Issues in Education-Student Wellbeing

When looking at the work done in schools around the promotion of wellbeing, there are many different state and national frameworks that inform school-based practices. I have chosen to discuss the Framework for Student Support Services in Victorian Government Schools (Department of Education 1998) pictured below. This framework outlines four major principles or levels of… View Article

Aesthetic Education

Friedrich Schiller wrote Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man in 1793 for his friend the Danish Prince Friedrich Christian who had provided him with a stipend to help him through an illness. In 1795 the letters were published and the provide a worthwhile consideration of the nature of Aesthetics for us still today. The… View Article

More sports in school

More Sports in School Did you know six of seven of the world population like more than one sport? Our school needs more sports. Some of the students like sports, but we do not have enough sports. Some students want to be a player when they grow up. Sports make your body stronger. We need… View Article

Organized sport

There are multiple benefits of playing an organized sport in school and it definitely help you out in life. Confidence is a huge part of being part of an organized sport. When you improve and keep improving you will start to feel better about yourself. Your coach will tell you the same thing when you… View Article

Informative Speech on Early Childhood Education

“Whatever the mind can conceived, it can be achieved” – such is the immortal axiom of Dale Carnegie, which has become a universal motivational tool to enhance performance and uncover untapped potentials. But the validity of this maxim does not hold true only for adults, but for the young ones as well – even for… View Article

Sport: sports equipment

Many of my schoolmates are not interested in sports. I had carried out a survey on the reasons for their lack of interest. The reasons that causes students not to be interested in sports comes from themselves, parents and facilities. Firstly, the attitude of students for sports was wasting their time. They feel that time… View Article

Why I Want to Be an Early Childhood Teacher

The topic I chose to write my essay about is being an early childhood teacher because that is what I am studying to be. I have also learned a lot of interesting facts while doing my research. Being an early childhood teacher makes it so the teacher is also a guide to the children they… View Article

Higher education be emphasizing in developed countries

The reports around the world that follow shall present the actual situation of people around the world as they face the challenges of being able to gain the possibility of receiving the privilege of taking higher education in consideration. From: g83 9/8 p. 30 Watching the World ? American government statistics show that one in… View Article

What is higher in Higher Education?

There are different levels of learning in terms of the educational system applied within the current society. Those levels include the primary [which includes pre-school and elementary education]; secondary education [which includes high school or junior studies]; the tertiary education [inclusive of college levels] and that of the postgraduate or post baccalaureate studies that include… View Article

What is Higher in Higher Education?

It is innate among humans to be fascinated by the different things that they particularly see around them. It could not be denied then that through the years, this particular fascination within the different elements that could be seen in the human environment actually developed into the many discoveries and inventions that humans produced. Through… View Article