Education Essay Examples

Educational psychology

All these educational psychology, though, when examined well is supported mostly by ideology. We all need to make an appeal for schools to return to programs identified as effective. Schools need to put teachers back in charge of the classroom. Once teachers are equipped on how educational psychology is best used in their teaching profession,… View Article

Educational policies

Thus, educational policies in the country instigate the development of learning programs developed with the ultimate purpose of improving English proficiency and academic performance among students. Perhaps the most significant policy is the No Child Left Behind Act implemented in 2001 that includes guidelines on language learning. This policy mandates that all school evaluate the… View Article

Famous quotes for teachers

I often wonder about teachers who educated famous people such as Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and the like. Were these teachers specially qualified to inspire their students to achieve fame and success? Or were these teachers just plain lucky to have exceptionally talented students? Do some teachers have the rare quality of turning dust into gold?… View Article

Perspectives in the Implementation of the Enhanced K-12 Basic Education

I. INTRODUCTION The Philippines is the last country in Asia and one of the three nations that has a ten year pre-university education program before the implementation of the K-12 system. K-12 program indicates a good quality of education especially for the standard of our education system worldwide, qualification to work abroad and development of… View Article

The Factors that Affect the Drop-Out Rate of Students

Students drop out for many reasons. Sometimes, Study is not their number 1 priority in his/her life. Some incident that causes their drop out is their behavior. One of the most important is student engagement, which includes students’ active involvement in academic work. Rumberger (2008) In addition, drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs can affect… View Article

What A Higher Education Means To Me

As a military officer working with the United States of America’s Air Force, a higher education means a lot to me. The United States of America’s Air Force mission is to deliver sovereign options in a bid to offer defence to the nation and serve other global interest. It is the youngest of the U…. View Article

What I Hope To Accomplish Through My Post-High Scool Education

As I awaken in the morning, I smile and appreciate my creator for another opportunity to see my future: to see a man of International repute whose life in centered on God, surrounded by fruitful relationships with self taking a peripheral position; to see an academic giant with vast landscape of knowledge and experience in… View Article

Science Report About Education Process

There is one fact, and that is that children are curious about everything, and a good way of promoting this is by letting them find and explore new things in their daily lives and in the classroom. So it is essential for them to seek for answers and solve problems. I find it interesting how… View Article

Should Teachers Have the Authority to Remove Disruptive Student?

Teacher should have the authority to remove disruptive students from the classroom because the learning environment may have the potential to become disrupted and not effective. Having a disruptive student present in the classroom can hinder the learning environment for other students.” Disruptive student behavior is detrimental to the academic community because it interferes with… View Article

Understanding of English Language Learners

Are short-answer questions better than multiple-choice questions for assessing the understanding of English language learners? Assessment is an essential and vital source of information about students’ language-learning needs (Gibbons, 2002). Assessments are a good way for teachers to get an idea of what their students already know and good at and to assess and evaluate… View Article

Diversity in the Classroom

INTRODUCTION Teachers are faced with the challenge of students bringing with them, vastly different experiences, cultures, interests and abilities. These characteristics can have a great impact on how students learn. Teaching to such a diverse group requires teachers to be more flexible and place a greater emphasis on the individual. Through the aid of variety… View Article

Creating a Level Playing Field for Wisconsin Education

It is a well known fact that the educational outcome of our children is either boosted or hindered by their families’ socioeconomic backgrounds, and while this fact is hardly fair to those underprivileged students, (and despite a few halfhearted but well-meaning policies against it), this inequality is likely to persist. (Wisconsin 2006). Although the rates… View Article

Another look into JS Mill’s subjection of women

This paper intends to answer the question, “Why does Mill find it unlikely that women will join together to rebel against men? ” through an attempt to identify three of his reasons. In addition to the aforementioned, this paper will provide examples to illustrate why the aforementioned reasons are still true today. Reasons Why Women… View Article

Education is not for sale!

Let’s pretend you own a school. Let’s pretend the school you own is still functional, but  pretty old: wobbly chairs, uneven tables, equipment prone to breaking down. Prices are rising, so what will you do? Instead of taking care of the facilities with the students’ tuition (you still have enrolled students, believe it or not),… View Article

The public education system

“Effectiveness in the principal-ship is the extent to which all learners in the school are doing as well as they should be doing.” (Webster, 1, 1994) The public education system has perhaps never faced more challenges than it does today. With increasing diversity in the school system, teachers and administration have to be prepared to… View Article