Education Essay Examples

University Plagiarism List

In today’s era of education, plagiarism is a global issue, each university is facing heavy issue. It is derived from the Latin word “predatory”, which means kidnapping or theft. Stealing the intangible such as words, thoughts, illustrations or ideas is plagiarism (Girard, 2004). People have different views on plagiarism. Neville (2010) mentioned plagiarism is an… View Article

Important Soft Skills for University

Competition for jobs is very tight right now due to the many people who apply for jobs or at least the capacity of workers. Of course the graduates will work and will compete with the graduates themselves or other college graduates. Thus students should prepare themselves to compete before and after it passed in getting… View Article

Pros and Cons of Large Universities

University, as stated in The Oxford Dictionary, is an educational institution designed for instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches of advanced learning. Like any other institution, it may be categorized as either good or bad depending on its level of excellence, how well it prepares its students for the working environment, etc…. View Article

Choosing a Right University

Choosing a university is a serious life-decision, because a university is a model of the real world and a place to stay for four years. In a university, we can chase for genuine knowledge, expand social networking, and learn about how to interact with people, etc. If we choose the wrong school, we might miss… View Article

University Autonomy

The term “autonomous university’” typically refers to a university which exercises independent control over its day to day operations and curriculum. Alternatively, the term, along with the term “autonomous open university’”, can characterize an entity that provides higher education on the Internet autonomously and without human presence or involvement. This differs distinctly from a “virtual”… View Article

University Thrust

A Thrust is a broad statement of intended strategic actions. The statement should provide a “compelling theme that knits together otherwise independent activities and focuses the energies of functional groups on things that matter in the market. ” A thrust is intended to create a broad, sharedunderstanding of what strategic actions are intended in planning…. View Article

Universal Education in Indonesia is a Compulsory

Indonesia is a very unique country. Besides its distinct archipelago, we are all living in a place where the differences among races, stratum, belief, and cultures are very widely varied which creates many gaps. Additionally, this country is blessed by its natural resources, yet lack of high quality human resources. So, what is actually the… View Article

The lesson on pan balance

The lesson on pan balance equations has a clear purpose. The teacher is aware of the state standard that all 8th graders are to take algebra. By introducing some pre-algebra skills to students now will allow them to build on this prior knowledge when they reach 8th grade. Mrs. Soglin clearly states the objective of… View Article

Calcutta University

It is a great pleasure for one who engages oneself in writing a preface of this nature relating to a noble cause – cause of spreading education in a region suffering from many shortcomings in the field of higher education. North Bengal as a region is full of rich social systems with diversified cultural heritage… View Article

At universities and colleges

In today’s society, a large number of the students in universities and colleges have less physical exercise than ever before and hardly go out of the campus to have some social activities. Many people argue that students pay more attention to the study than their health which may because they[SQQ1] do not get enough financial… View Article

Strict Teacher vs Lenient Teacher

When it comes to the argument which kind of teacher is more efficient, the view varies from person to person. Some people will choose a strict teacher because disciplining badly behaved students will lead to more effective studying. Others may think an easy going teacher is more efficient. In my opinion, I agree with the… View Article

Teacher Burnout

The term ‘burnout’ was first introduced by the American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger in 1974, to describe the state of physical and mental exhaustion among people in ”helping professions,” whose work requires contact with people in need (Sek 7). Since this term was introduced, burnout research has been continued by many investigators all over the world… View Article

Teacher Dispositions

What are teacher dispositions? To answer that questions one may ask themselves what is a disposition? A disposition is someone’s state of mind on a certain matter. Moreover, teacher dispositions are what teachers think will help students become successful. Teachers Dispositions are things they should know and be able to do when they are face… View Article

Role of Teacher

Introduction Quality of education is a relative and dynamic term varying from contexts to contexts and time to time. In a changing world driven by technological advancements, quality defined yesterday may not be valid today or tomorrow. Therefore, it is essential to discuss the concept and define and redefine quality of education with the passage… View Article

Teacher Interview

The author had the privelege to interview two different teachers of which were educating different grade levels, ages, and classroon enviroments. This essay will summarize the interviews and reflect upon why the author wants to join the ranks of special educators, what the author learned during the interviews that solidifies his/her desire to be a… View Article