Family Essay Examples

Family in the play

The issues of parentage and family are profoundly of paramount importance in the play The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, both as primary forces motivating the plot and as subjects yielding philosophical speculation and debate. Parentage can be defined as the group of individuals descending from a common ancestor and in Victorian England… View Article

A middle class family named The Birlings

An Inspector Calls, written by J. B. Priestley, is about a middle class family named The Birlings. The Birlings lived in an up and growing industrial town in the north midlands. Set in 1912, the Birlings were happily celebrating their daughter Sheila’s engagement to a respectable businessman, Gerald Croft. However, the modest celebration turned out… View Article

Mr Birling and Sheila

The play is about a middle to upper-class family, the Birlings, who lived in a town called Brumley. Its is based on a girl, Eva, who had commit suicide by drinking disinfectant. An Inspector who goes by the name of “Inspector Goole” had come to the Birlings house to investigate why Eva had committed suicide…. View Article

Edwardian family

The furniture alone really shows the wealth and opulence of this upper class Edwardian family. The furniture and clothes also develops trust between the audience and characters as it gives off a cosy home feel. It is obvious from when you first read act one that JB Priestley has made a deliberate effort to change the… View Article

A typical Victorian family

“We don’t live alone. We are all members of one body. We are responsible for each other. ” What is Priestley’s main aim in ‘An Inspector Calls? ‘ How successful was he? It year was 1945 when J. B Priestley created his masterpiece, An Inspector Calls. He set the play in 1912 like a typical… View Article

Pip’s family

In chapter one of the story we discover that Pip’s family is deceased, well apart from his sister. They all died from common diseases like flu and measles and other illnesses which some were treatable but, medicine was not affordable for the poor. The social conditions in the nineteenth century were unfortunate. There wasn’t much… View Article

The Carbone family

In A View From The Bridge, the audience is introduced with three prominent characters who are Eddie Carbone, Catherine Carbone and Beatrice Carbone. All of these characters show their unique qualities in the sense that Eddie is a much more demanding person, whereas Beatrice can be seen as a weaker person who is inclined to… View Article

Marcos’ family

Unlike the Antagonist, the protagonist is introduced from the first scene, Eddie Carbone. At first we don’t see him as the mean and vicious person he later turns out to be. From this we get an understanding as to what kind of ‘hero’ he is. During the course of the play Eddie becomes an evil… View Article

Loman family

As stated before, Miller thought that the common man was the most eligible person with which he could create a tragic hero. With this in mind he set out to make his characters tragic heroes, giving them what he called “a tragic flaw”, a failing that is not peculiar to grand or elevated characters, nor… View Article

Family and friends

Katherine had done exercise which was more than necessary. She went to the gym about 5 times a week, which had really been a waste of time, as she was underweight and there was no need for her to exercise. This is because she did not have many calories which needed to be burnt off… View Article

Jewish teaching within family

In this essay I will look at what Jews believe they must do to bring up and care for their family, what rabbi’s say on this and what is written in the bible. The first thing I will examine is contraception many Jews consider a large family as a blessing from god and for this… View Article

Assess the view that the positions of men

Over the past few decades the roles of men and women have changed drastically. These changes occur throughout society, within a family or in a relationship. In the past, the most common relationship between the two genders would have been very different, with the men being viewed as more masculine and of higher authority, whereas… View Article

Different generations in Dubliners by James Joyce

Dubliners: Choose one story from the collection and discuss how Joyce depicts relationships between people of different generations. In your answer you should: * Explain your own view of the treatment of the young by old people; * Look closely at the effects of Joyce’s narrative methods and language; * Comment on how the story… View Article

Is Life worth living?

A question that raises so much controversy that we have to venture deep into the depths of our own hearts to salvage the opinion of oneself. Despite every one of us knows that someday we will receive our final ultimatum, man as a race has always been in search of a resolution; a meaning to… View Article