Film Essay Examples

English Paper on Holes

The film codes and conventions are greatly used in the movie Holes, directed by Andrew Davis, to construct characters and develop the atmosphere. The film is about a young boy, Stanley Yelnats, who is falsely accused of stealing a pair of shoes. As a punishment, he is sent to camp Greenlake, where he meats and… View Article

Movies Represent Storytelling at Its Best

Imagery, sounds, storytelling ability, excellent editing, serious acting and creative imaginations are all technically combined to make a good movie. Movies represent storytelling at its best. The writer gives a script to the director who interprets it and creates a core team of professionals that includes the cinematographer, the designer (and his team), the sound… View Article

25th Hour Movie Analysis

1. 25th Hour, directed by Spike Lee, presents men partially in a typical way. The typical representation of men in Hollywood film defines them as being aggressive and powerful. They are expected to bear pain silently, suppress their emotions easily, and dominate their women. Also, typical males usually don’t pay any attention to their sicknesses… View Article

October Sky Hero

Some people say you have to do something special to be called a hero, but Miss Riley just has to be herself. She was Homer’s teacher and was very encouraging. Miss Riley believed in Homer before he thought he could build the rocket. I think she acted as an inspiration to Homer and the Rocket… View Article

Analysis of Shutter Island

How should people deal with the criminally insane? They are very dangerous figures, who had harmed people before. Some psychiatrists believe that drugs can control the mental conditions of the patients. However, some psychiatrists believe that to lobotomize the patients is the only way to stop them from their dangerous behaviors. The surgery removes some… View Article


It’s not always easy to relate the story of a talking lizard to the history of the world. Or at least, that’s they want the watchers to think. The truth is that there are many different themes that tie into the world’s past. Rango (the talking lizard) can represent some of the world’s most influential… View Article

Margin Call

J. C. Chandler’s 2011 film Margin Call examines the actions of an investment firm’s key decision makers during the earliest stages of the most recent financial crisis. Chandler does a good job with the characters of this movie he isn’t necessarily looking for a villain in a mess like this nor any lengthy explanations; he’s… View Article

Slumdog Millionare

In the late 1800’s there lived well-known Hindu monk by the name of Swami Vivekananda. It was his reputation to be wise and many people looked to him for guidance. One of his most famous quotes states, “the great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the man or woman who asks for… View Article

Saving Private Ryan Critique

The visual and the realistic arts in Spielberg’s best ever The critics all over the world with their holistic approach endeavor to find the pros and cons of a 3 hour classic masterpiece directed and created by the gods of the theatrical arts. The modern world tends to be sufficed by the major events and… View Article

Educating Rita and the Allegory of the Cave

The film “Educating Rita” and the essay “the Allegory of the Cave” are based on philosophical ideas and problems connected with personal development, education and understanding of the good life. ‘Educating Rita” and the essay “the Allegory of the Cave’ portray personal development of people and importance of education, persistence and hard work crucial for… View Article

Pulp Fiction: Shortcomings of a “Neo-Noir”

The remarkable stylistic conventions of classical film noir have made it one of the most memorable and recognizable film genres to this day. Each film noir picture is uniquely told though it use of degrees of darkness, contrasting lighting, rain-covered city streets, isolated protagonist, and devious dames that effortlessly lure men into a cold trap… View Article

Sin City: Film Noir?

Controversial topics are brought to the table when speaking of Hollywood film Sin City. The story line appears to be set in the 50s and follows three protagonist characters that are all linked through their femme fatal characters. The filming technique displayed brings rise to the question of whether the movie is film noir or… View Article

James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues

In James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues,” the unsaid brotherly relationship amongst the speaker and his younger brother Sonny is illustrated throughout the narrator’s point of view. The two brothers have not spoken in time until the narrator receives a note from Sonny following his daughter’s death. He takes this moment as a vital indication from Sonny… View Article

Reaction Paper on Vampires

Vampire movies always have lots of fans, and of course, I’m a vampire film fan, too. In the past, vampires looked so scary: they were old, extremely ugly, knows nothing but killing… Nowadays, however, people start to make vampires more “human”(and sometimes they are made even better than human beings): They are so good-looking they… View Article

The Notebook

In the film, The Notebook directed by Nick Cassavetes an important decision is made by the main female character. This decision is shown through verbal and visual features throughout the movie, they help us understand the difficult decision and why she chose the option she did. Allie Hamilton had to choose between Noah Calhoune or… View Article