Film Essay Examples

Yellow Earth Review

Answer #1: In the film, “Yellow Earth”, the soldier was received with mixed emotions. Of both wanting to help but also bordering animosity. Answer #2: The main difference in the lifestyle of the peasant and the soldier is their status in life and their understanding of what is currently happening in their lives, politically and… View Article

Girl with green eyes

It hardly needs a commentary that a movie “Girl with green eyes” is not just a standard drama which tells a story of unhappy love. It would be no exaggeration to stress that it is a great masterpiece of cinematography.  “Girl with green eyes” was released in 1964 and it was an innovation introduced by… View Article

Movie: The Birth of A Nation

Tim Dirk’s review of The Birth of a Nation[1] is one of the most detailed and comprehensive reviews that has encompassed almost all the aspects of this masterpiece. This movie was made in 1915 by the producer/director D. W. Griffith. The story moves in the background of civil war affected America and are manifested in… View Article

Schindler’s List: Holocaust Portrayal

Introduction In Steven Spielberg’s Schinder’s List, the events are depicted in the Hollywood style narrative dramatization of the Holocaust events. The film offers representation of the real characters based on the true story in the emerging popular cultural discourse about Holocaust. The film has images of graphic violence depicting camps at Plaszow and Auschwitz, offers… View Article

Gump’s Musical Box of Chocolates

Project Overview  Audience worldwide was hit by the wisdom of a mentally challenged character named Forrest Gump who lived in America throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Forrest Gump lived a full life despite his mental condition. He participated and became a very special part in the many histories that shaped the nation. As… View Article

The Image of the Cyborg as it Appears in Metropolis and Blade Runner

The appearance of the “cyborg” in science-fiction cinema began with the emergence of the dystopian science-fiction film— both events started with Fritz Lang’s silent film “Metropolis,” released in 1927 in Weimar Republic Germany, just before the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Lang’s film, made as political allegory, shocked audiences with its complex… View Article

The Hunt For Red October

A lot of people have seen the movie The Hunt For Red October , but before it was a film it was a great book that readers all over the world enjoyed a lot. While the story is pretty simple, it is still a great adventure tale of the old Cold War. I enjoyed this… View Article

History of Philippine Cinema

A. The Golden Age of Philippine Films The 1950s were considered a time of “rebuilding and growth”. But remnants from the preceding decade of the 40s remained in the form of war-induced reality. This is seen is Lamberto Avellana’s Anak Dalita (The Ruins, 1956), the stark tragedy of post-WWII survival set in Intramuros. The decade… View Article

How Have Our Ideas of Heroes Changed over Time

In the beginning of cinema heroes and heroines tended to stay within the mythic structure of heroes using binary pairs of opposite terms to simplify the complexity of events and reducing the players down to good guys and bad guys or more cinematic, white hats and black hats. That changed radically in the late 1960’s… View Article

The King of Mask

Wonderful, straightforward and amazingly great film is the movie “The King of Mask”. In general, my personal views on the movie “The King of Art” is definitely an amazing work of work in the form of screen play in which it portray a balance yet profound presentation on the story of great Chinese art performer…. View Article

The Perfect Storm Film

My favorite part of The Perfect Storm actually happens when Bobby Shatford, and Albert Pierre have a bad premonition and decide not to go on the trip. Knowing they are right adds to the suspense of the situation. This part of the book is the most unbelievable though because the trip is their job, it… View Article

The Patriot Movie

In the movie, “The Patriot”, actor Mel Gibson plays the role of Benjamin Martin and is based on a story of a father of 7 children from South Carolina who is raising them in the era where Americans were fighting the British in the late eighteenth century.             Mel Gibson’s character joins the war, a… View Article

Film Critique The Queen

Movie roles performed by high caliber actors and actresses of living icons are always the hardest to portray. Helen Mirren’s portrayal of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, has given us an amazing resemblance (although without as much effects and make-up the resemblance ended) and an in-depth visual and emotional recognition of the British royal who was… View Article

Movie Review on “The Promise”

The movie entitled “The Promise” by Chen Kaige is a depiction of love and truth that lies beneath different circumstances of the characters. The promise is love where two people will unite as one in the end as they unravel their past. The main characters in the story are general Guangming, Qingcheng, and Wuhuan. These… View Article

The Princess Bride

The movie, The Princess Bride, was depicted as a fairy tale that showcased romance, camaraderie, and adventure (Maltin). In some way, it also illustrated particular comedy scenes that were really enjoyed by the viewers. The movie started with the scene wherein the grandfather, played by Peter Falk, was narrating a story to his grandson, portrayed… View Article