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Film Essay Examples

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The films “Saved”

Much ado has been said about religion and how diverse religious practices have been depicted in numerous films. Religion in America reflects no more than simple faith but dwells into the social structure and the meanings of faith in the midst of American culture and society. With film as medium of conveying messages, it is…

Film Analysis Update

I have selected the film “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” because I became extremely fascinated on why of all the monarchs who have ruled England, she is the monarch that has been included in various forms of literature as well as having an era in England’s history named after her. After selecting the film for this…

Film Analysis: “Elizabeth: the Golden Age”

Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most memorable, most discussed and most written about monarch not only in England, but in Western history (Dobson and Watson 2; Rozett 103). She was the only monarch that historians attributed an entire era of English history after. The film “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” is an example of…



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Film Review: Sleepless In Seattle

When Hollywood makes a movie about a spouse who has lost a significant other, the story usually evolves around the wife. How she deals with the loss, the grief, her support group and how she manages to get her life back on track for the sake of her children and herself. But Sleepless In Seattle…

Political Campaign Videos

Shifts in the campaign films “The Sky is the Limit” by George Bush and “A New Beginning” by Ronald Reagan must have been very evident to expert media critics, but were not at all noticeable for average reasonable television viewers, making the films more effective materials in campaign. Let us first take a look at…

Political films

The research paper “The Timing of Presidential Cinema” discusses and analyzes social meaning of political films. Little research is done in this filed, although many films contain political and economic meaning. Interestingly, the release of presidential cinema is associated with the controlling party and with the ideology that the party has in the White House….

Modern Cinema Is a Boon

Cinema is a major source of recreation in most countries of the world especially in India where the majority of people live below poverty line. It provides us with entertainment and sometimes educates us too. Depending on the quality of films produced by the directors, one could label cinema as a curse or a boon….

English-language films

Many people wonder these days if people’s lives revolve around the choices they make. This is absolutely true. Everyone in this world is responsible for who they are today. Their choices and ideas pave the road for their future. A quote from Confucius says this, “People’s lives are the result of the choices they make-or…

Reviewing Films Depicting Supremacy of Artificial Intelligence

There is without a shadow of a doubt that we are now living in a time when there is almost nothing we cannot accomplish. The outbreak of high technology all around the world is soaring, and day by day, improvements on what is already highly intelligent devices are being developed. From computers, to cellular phones,…

Film Theory Outline

From the very beginning of film, theorists have tried to dissect or understand the nature of the new medium of art. As a result various theories of film have emerged, such as feminist, auteur, psychoanalytical, Marxist, Editing and Structuralist. This essay attempts to give an outline of these various theories. One of the first theories…

Comparative analysis of formalist and realist film theory

Current essay provides a comparative analysis of formalist and realist film theories, based on theoretical approaches, innovations, critical findings and film-making practice of such renowned representatives of both currents of the film theory as Eisenstein, Arnheim and Bazin. Before beginning the analysis of the abovementioned subjects, one should point out that the difference between form…

Films by Pasolini

Pаsоlіnі bеgаn shооtіng hіs fіrst fіlm, Аccаtоnе, іn Оctоbеr 1960. Hіs mоvе іntо fіlm wаs thе tеrmіnus аd quеm оf thе 1958-9 crіsіs іn hіs wоrk, аnd іn hіs publіc rоlе, dіscussеd іn Pаrt І. Thе аttеmpt tо crеаtе sіmulаcrа оf іnnоcеncе аnd аuthеntіcіty wіthіn lіtеrаry lаnguаgе, bеgun іn Frіulі аnd cаrrіеd оvеr іntо hіs…

Film Report

Children of a lesser God is a love story about a speech teacher who falls for a beautiful yet distant deaf girl in a small New England school for the deaf, and the obstacles that they face due to their differences. William Hurt plays James Leeds, a renegade teacher with an unconventional approach to education…

How Films Change Perception

There are many ways in which movies or films may become art. Art can be expressed through color, angles, character development, plot, even scenery; or all of these combined. In the movie Il Postino there is a certain art of the film which allows the viewer to become part of the story, to fall in…

Film Comment

“Just too many ideas. I wanted all these characters, they all meant something to me, but I wanted them to weave together in some way; I wanted it to feel unified in the investigation” (Russell qtd. in Smith 4). These are the words of David O. Russell, writer-director of the movie I Heart Huckabees, when…

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