• JC Act 2

    What is Brutus worried will happen if Caesar is crowned? He will get overwhelmed with power and abuse it What promise does Brutus make to Rome? He will do what's best for Rome, whatever it takes To What does Brutus compare his mental anxiety? to a hideous dream, he's like… View Article

  • cicero letters (summary)

    to Pompey in 62BC flattering him, trying to form a bond with him after c got him the job in Asia to Atticus in 59BC triumvirate, depressing, utter despair, no hope, only voicing opinions in private to Family in 58BC been exiled, very emotional, feels entirely to blame for the… View Article

  • Quintilian Praises the Oratory of Cicero

    Oratores vero Romani eloquentiam Latinam Graecae parem facere possunt; Truly Roman orators can make Latin eloquence like Greek eloquence; nam Ciceronem opponam cuicumque eorum, etiam Demostheni. for I could set Cicero against any one of them, even Demosthenes. Horum ego virtutues puto similes; consilium, ordinem, rationem, omnia denique quae sunt… View Article

  • Julius Caesar Act 2

    What question is Brutus pondering at the opening of the scene? He's explaining that Caesar will rise to power and be a ruthless dictator, and he and the conspirators must kill to prevent this potential future. For what information does Brutus want Lucius to look at a calendar? What is… View Article

  • Cicero History

    L. Sergius Catilina a loser who sucks at running for things Marcus Tullius Cicero awesome guy who rox "Novus Homo" first person in family to hold political office proscription list made by Sulla, name on then you going to die Cursus Honorum list of 4 things: quaestor, aedile, praetor, consul… View Article

  • Rhetorical Devices Used By Cicero

    Alliteration repitition of initial letter/sound Anaphora repitition of a word at the beginning of a series of clauses/phrases Antithesis contrasting two ideas by setting up two contrasting words in correponding grammatical positions (oxymoron is a type where the paired words contradict each other) Assonance repitition of vowel sounds within words… View Article

  • Cicero, Caesar, and the Collapse of the Republic

    What was Cicero's full name? Marcus Tullius Cicero Whan did Cicero reach the peach of his political power? 63 BC Who was Cicero's main opponent in the election of 63 BC? Lucius Sergius Catilina What did Catiline plot to do? assasinate Cicero to over throw gov't and seize power How… View Article

  • Julius Caesar: Act 2 Review (originally made by Ms Son

    How does Decius interpret Calphurnia's dream? (Act 2 scene 2) D says the dream is supposed to be something good, the smiling Romans bath in the blood of the statue of Caesar is because they think Caesar is great and they want to be a part of him. What 2… View Article

  • Intro to Humanities

    Which artist best depicts the urbane and somewhat melancholy revelries of the eighteenth-century European aristocracy? Antoine Watteau Which two artists are more closely associated with the rococo style in art? J-H. Fragonard and Antoine Watteau In what phenomenon did the Parisian Madame Geoffrin play an important role? the success of… View Article

  • Julius Caesar Act II

    What question is Brutus pondering at the opening of the scene. wheather or not caesar will be corropted by power What info does Brutus want Lucius to look at? A calendar What is the significance of what Lucius finds. He sees on the calendar that it's the ides of March...just… View Article

  • Ecce, Romani 59 "Cicero Denounces Catiline" A

    usque continuously abutor, abuti, abusus sum, --- to abuse patientia, -ae (f.) patience furor, furoris (m.) fury, furor, madness, insanity eludo, -ere, elusi, elusus to elude, to mock, to make a mockery of finis, -is (m.) end effrenatus, -a, -um unbridled, uncontrolled iacto, -are, -avi, -atus to toss around se… View Article

  • Cicero De Natura Deorum (2.130-1)

    abundo, abundare, abundavi, abundatum I overflow abundantia, abundantiae (f) an overflowing, excessive amount, wealth, affluence cultus, cultus (m) tilling, cultivation, personal care, devotion reperio, reperire, repperi, repertum I find, discover obruo, obruere, obrui, obrutum I cover, smother, crush, overwhelm mollio, mollire, molliui/ii, mollitum I make soft, enfeeble, soften limus, limi… View Article

  • Julius Caesar Act II

    To what decision does Brutus come in his orchard? Why? Brutus decides to kill Caesar because he fears if Caesar becomes king that the power will corrupt his mind and he will abuse the power. What does Lucius give to Brutus in Scene I Lucius gives Brutus a letter from… View Article

  • Cicero Speaks about the Nature of the Soul

    Animōrum nūlla in terrīs orīgō invenīrī potest. No origin of souls is able to be found on the earth. Nihil enim est in animīs mixtum atque concrētum, For nothing is mixed and concrete in souls, aut quod ex terrā natum atque fictum esse videātur, or the kind of things which… View Article

  • Latin final on Petrarch’s letter to Cicero

    heu injerection meaning "alas" tenebas 2nd person singular, imperfect indicative of a verb meaning "to hold" ostendebas 2nd person singular, imperfect indicative of a verb meaning "to show" recte adverb meaning "straightly, correctly, in the right way" ambularent 3rd person plural, imperfect subjunctive of a verb meaning "to walk" cecidisti… View Article