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Whether they are interested in tennis, if they are a fan and what events or players would they like to visit if possible. (Interests) Whether or not the person is interested in purchasing such a product that I will be making, and if so why not? * Do they have any suggestions or preferences in what they would like to buy or view from this merchandise? Why is this? * Do they appreciate merchandise such as posters and banners to be colourful, jazzy, plain or dark? The person’s coloured and style preferences perhaps.

Do they prefer products to have lots of text information or do they not? If yes, what should the content be about? E. g. ) The product or the purpose?  What sort of images and logos would they prefer to view on these pages, and in what background? E. g. ) Artistic, photographic, computerized, etc… what will create the best effects for people to appreciate it and be attracted to what it is aiming to the audience.  What sort of advertisement methods would most attract them to the product either to purchase it or to view it even?

Information such as this provided in the questionnaire results will be very important for me to analyse and use when designing and making my merchandise. I will definitely need to consider it, otherwise there is no point in making these products in such ways that will not attract people, please them or catch their interest to follow the purpose of the poster. The reason for making something is for it to appeal to people’s preferences and the purpose of my tennis poster is to attract people to view it and realise the development of the state-of-the-art tennis stadium.

The merchandise acts as examples of what they can purchase at this newly proposed stadium and helps to promote generally. Therefore, I will need to consider aspects such as colour, texture, size, special effects aswell as the type of imagery, content and textual styles I should use in order for it to be portrayed as worthwhile. Therefore the research is essential for this practical area of my project to be good and relevant.

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