Identifying Rhetorical Devices Essay

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Identifying Rhetorical Devices

Throughout the article are many rhetorical devices such as a hyperbole, dysphemism, and many others. The rhetorical devices throughout this article could be categorized by short phrases and ways that the author is trying to get his point across. However, there are also rhetorical devices used throughout the article that are just making assumptions on the topic.

This article gets the point of the author across very clearly; I believe this is where the rhetorical devices he come in. by using all these different rhetorical devices it helps the author to say what he wants and lets the reader to be more on his side of the issue at hand. For example, the authors’ statement that “my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail,” this is not an actual statement but is sarcasm in the paper creates a rhetorical device. This statement is considered a hyperbole because he is overstating or exaggerating what he really means to say.

Rhetorical devices if used in the correct way are designed to persuade a reader to agree with one side of an issue more than the other. Each type of device gives a different effect and shows opinions or someone’s thoughts in different ways. So the author used these devices to show his point of view and to persuade his readers to agree with him. It is good to make your reader agree with you but also to show the other side of the issue as well. The author of this article used the rhetorical devices to persuade the reader to his side but also pointed out the other side of the issue as well.

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