Language Essay Examples

Language and reason as ways of knowing

Knowledge is also said as ‘ways of knowing’. It means ‘information and skills acquired through experience and education’. The acquisition of knowledge is done by three main factors; perception, language and reason. In this essay we sought to see the strengths and limitations of those learning approaches. Let’s take an example, how do we know… View Article

Does language affect thought?

Thinking is possible without language because expressing a thought is often limited by words. As the famous saying says “a picture is worth a thousand words” this may also mean an idea a though or a picture in your mind, is worth a thousand words. Many times, people would like to express something they are… View Article

Great Gatsby, Detailed Analysis, Passage Chapter 1 (p.13-15)

In this passage Nick Carraway is visiting his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom Buchanan, a former member of Nick’s social club at Yale University, on East Egg. Inside, Daisy lounges on a couch with her friend, Jordan Baker, a competitive golfer who yawns as though bored by her surroundings. As Nick enters he describes… View Article

The beautiful memory in my mind

Identity is an expression of self either internal or external. My own identity exists when I was born. I do not have chance to change it, in fact, I do have ability to know it deeply as much as I can. Asking for my family history is not an only way to search my identity…. View Article

Undiscovered Talent

Thomas Gray has rightly said: “Full many a gem of purest ray serene, The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear: Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air.” provides a place for such gems – undiscovered writers in this case – to showcase their works… View Article

CD for Holden

How have you been? I have actually missed you a lot. The other day, I took a road trip with my parents and I thought of you. I remembered how you told me you wanted me to burn a CD with music for you. Thus, I listened to my iPod the whole way and selected… View Article

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Socialising is a very complicated process, for we often make unjustified assumptions that lead to misunderstandings or even worst, it might even cause the innocents to suffer. In “To Kill a Mocking Bird,” it was demonstrated a number of times, both in court and in every day life, often caused by people’s limited observations skills… View Article

The Roman invasion of Britain in 55 BC

In this passage, there is a recollection of the Roman invasion of Britain in 55 BC. Using this historic event, the passage attempts to criticize colonialism for its cruelty. By eloquently undermining the justifications of colonialism, Conrad manages to effectively critique it and its ironic nature. Through the use of light and dark imagery, the… View Article

Are we Cheering for the Villain?

When reading the play Oedipus the King, a range of feelings and perspectives arise in the audience, making us unconsciously chose sides with Oedipus or with the ruthless prediction made by the gods. This is due to the fact that as the play develops, more and more is revealed about Oedipus making the audience not… View Article

Jane Eyre – Through A Critical Lens

Historical research has always been an issue of trial and error. Through analyzing novels such as Jane Eyre, historicists can learn about that part of our past by looking at the prevalent themes in the novels, such as social and gender inequalities. By analyzing the historical context of Charlotte Bront�’s novel, Jane Eyre, as well… View Article

The Future Of Cricket

Cricket was initially played in England, by the Englishmen. They had colonies throughout the world and hence were introduced to other countries and became widely popular all over the world. Initially the matches would last for five days and sometimes the result would end in a draw. They were called TEST MATCHES. Sometime in 1977… View Article