Learning Essay Topics

Outline two perspectives on learning

Classical Conditioning is when behaviour is learned through a stimulus response bond (S_R) This is done by using unconditioned stimuli as well as conditioned stimuli. Simply put this method of behaviourist learning is able to create behaviour that doesn’t normally exist (e.g. salivating at the sound of a bell) this is done through association. For… View Article

Improving Teaching and Learning

As all children’s experiences and development are individual, every child will have their own unique ‘starting point’ from where to continue their learning of a subject from. Ausubel (1968) puts forward the interesting thought that we should design our teaching to start from where the pupil is. However, as Littledyke & Huxton (1998) suggest, it… View Article

Fitt’s and Posner’s Phases of Learning

Describe “Fitt’s and Posner’s” phases of learning and explain how you would structure practises to enhance a performance In this essay I will explain Fitt’s and Posner’s phases of learning and how I would structure practises to enhance performance. By practising a skill we can become better. Fitts and Posner theories were that everyone has… View Article

Learning Agreement

In R Tours, I was assigned in the Inbound Department and I learned a lot from there. One of the main duties in the department is the inbound operation. The inbound operation consists of several tasks. First to create interesting and excellent tour packages, then, promote them locally and internationally and finally handling them. We… View Article

Homeworks and Study Guides in English

I rolled myself, patting and searching for the alarm clock with my eyes closed. When I reached it, I turned it off and got myself up to get ready for school. I barged in the bathroom with my still sleepy eyes, washing my face as I put some toothpaste in my toothbrush. Brushing my teeth,… View Article

The Pain The Mockingbirds Endure In To Kill A Mockingbird

The pain the mockingbirds endure in To Kill a Mockingbird is quite sensational in that we pull a strong reaction through the reader’s eyes. Mockingbird’s in this novel have quite the figurative meaning, as well as a very literal one. I will take you through both, as we explore the main character Scout, and the… View Article

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) results to simulation of intellectual practice such as comprehension, rationalization and learning symbolic information in context. In AI, the automation or programming of all aspects of human cognition is considered from its foundations in cognitive science through approaches to symbolic and sub-symbolic AI, natural language processing, computer vision, and evolutionary or adaptive… View Article

Personal Learning Managemet

Abstract Kindler, E.; Krivy, I. (2011). Object-Oriented Simulation of systems with sophisticated control. International Journal of General Systems. pp. 313–343 Haas, J. (n.d.). Modular programming. Retrieved from http://www.about.com Personal Learning Management As course assignments, assigned reading, assigned and interest-based research, and other learning activities are completed, the learner may recognize the economic value of what… View Article

Improvement and closing the achievement gap report 2003-2004 include

• Strong parental involvement • Community and church support • Various reform models aligned to state curriculum • Dedicated teachers • Structured teaching • Thinking maps • Stable staff • Comprehensive systems to monitor student progress • Aligned curriculum, assessment, and instruction • Peer coaches • Instructional time that is increased (2004) As the reader… View Article

Financial perspective

As seen balanced scorecards does not totally disregard financial measures of performance. Thus, timely and accurate data is essential to the successful implementation of balanced scorecard. This implies that handling and processing of financial data should be swift and centralize perhaps fully automated. The financial data should be integrated with corporate databases and especially data… View Article

Finding Forrester – Opening Questions

Q1. We learn about the type of people who live in the neighborhood. It sets up the stereotype of young black youth living in the Bronx, New York. It shows the setting as a city with high-rise buildings and people who are not in wealth. It shows the struggles they have to go thorough. Q2…. View Article

Study skills portfolio

Different people have different learning styles. Each person’s learning style greatly influences the study strategy that best suits him. For instance, a person with a read/write learning style will be best learn when he is given detailed descriptions and when he reads and writes. As such, a person must first determine his learning style before… View Article

Students should drop out of school at any age

Pros: 1. This would promote students’ right to do the things that they want to do without them thinking that they are being forced to study and to go to school. 2. Students would have the option to work instead of going to school if they want to earn and enter the workforce at an… View Article

Linking instruction

Teaching is always perceived as a straightforward process whereby teachers provide instruction and students learn. With this perspective, teaching is seen as a simple instruction–learning process. In actual practice, it is more realistic to view assessment as an integral component of the teaching process. In fact, it has been estimated that teachers devote at least… View Article

Instructional strategies exam essay

Teachers are constantly challenged to ensure that teaching strategies employed in the classroom are appropriate the learning styles and experiences of the learners. As far as possible instructional strategies should be modified to take into consideration the unique characteristics of individual learners and aim to discover the best way forward when dealing with specific learning… View Article