Literature Essay Topics

Blood brothers

On Monday 9th July 2001 I went with a group of 9, 10, and ex 11 students to see ‘Blood brothers’ at the theatre royal in Brighton. Blood brothers is about a pair of twins who are split up at birth, because their natural mother cannot afford to keep both of them and her already… View Article

The Spire by William Golding

How does Golding use stylistic devices to create tension in this extract? (extract where the ground opens up) The extract begins with an imperative spoken by Roger Mason, “Look right at the bottom”. Although, as master builder, Roger has a higher status than the rest of the workers, Jocelin considers himself as more important than… View Article

Literature Poem Analysis

From the way the speaker laments about his brother, we can clearly tell how the both of them have totally contrasting attitudes towards life. Moreover, as flying paper planes were one pastime that both brothers used to share in their childhood, the speaker talks about their paper planes metaphorically, letting us in on the way… View Article

Literature research

I found a lot of valuable information from doing my literature research. I was able to see that many people have different answers on how to combat bullying. I also found out very interesting stats on bullying over the past 3 years. They showed me that each year there was an increasing amount of children… View Article

“Cat Bill” Analysis

In his statement of veto of the “Cat Bill,” Governor Stevenson manifests sarcastic diction to appeal to common sense and knowledge, and uses examples of personification and dramatization to craft his effective argument ridiculing the bill. Governor Stevenson organizes his veto using common knowledge so that anyone of any background can comprehend his reasoning. He… View Article

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

“Man is no truly one, but truly two.” There are two sides to man, a good, and a bad. This book was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1885 and is set in the Gothic genre. The gothic genre is associated with darkness, the supernatural, and more importantly, nightlife. “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll… View Article

Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet and Malorie Blackmans Noughts and Crosses

How is forbidden love conveyed in both Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses? In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (c.1595) and Malorie Blackman’s 2001 Noughts and Crosses, the theme of forbidden love is greatly conveyed throughout both texts. The themes are similar in each text, regardless of the severe differences in era… View Article

Short Stpries Examination

Frank O’Connor believes that short stories are about isolated individuals who undergo a ‘frontier experience’. With reference to three or four short stories you have read, how useful do you find O’Connor’s theory? Frank O’Connor’s claimed that short stories look at isolated individuals who undergo a frontier experience. They represent outsiders in society and are… View Article

Book Review of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame

There are many books that were published in the year of 1831. However, none of them have grown to be so popular and loved as the book “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” This renowned book has many qualities, as it does flaws. It also has a variety of characters, such as the lovable Quasimodo. This… View Article

Henry James referred to TTOTS as a potboiler

Henry James referred to ‘TTOTS’ as a potboiler. In light of this comment, explore the establishment of a simple ghost story in the prologue and first five chapters. Henry James stated that ‘TTOTS’ was a potboiler, meant only to be perceived as a simple ghost story which in the Victorian era was how it was… View Article

Moll Flanders: From Innocence to Maturity

Moll Flanders is the central character of the novel “Moll Flanders”, who was born in Newgate, England and passed different phases of her life across England and America. The entire novel depicts those phases of her life through five marriages, among which only one was fruitful. Between her marriages and through them, the character of… View Article