Literature Essay Topics

Of Mice And Men – Review

The novel ‘Of Mice And Men’ is set in the early 1930’s, in the American state of California. America at this time was suffering from the effects of the depression, which followed the Wall Street Crash. This had caused many businesses to go bankrupt. Also, in this period of time America had great problems on… View Article

Analysis of Loneliness in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck – the creator of the famous: Of Mice and Men, was born in 1902 in California; near Solidad. His family were quite wealthy, but he was interested in farm labouring, and this is how he materialised most of his stories. He wrote a number of novels about people that were farmers and yearned… View Article

A Dream of Life

Try to picture this: A big white house with light blue shutters and a big porch. Two young children are playing with their dog without arguing or fighting. The mom is preparing dinner ready at 6 o’clock in the big kitchen. Meanwhile, the dad is just arriving from work in his BMW and stops to… View Article

Background The 1930’s In The USA

In the 1920’s/1930’s a lot of Americans got the idea that investing in shares was a safe way of making money, but many didn’t know the risks that could occur when buying shares, and on the 4 October 1929 America suffered from the ‘Wall Street Crash.’ This meant that billions of dollars were lost due… View Article

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

In What Way Does The Opening Dialogue Help to Establish an Understanding of George and Martha? The opening dialogue of Albee’s ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ serves a similar purpose as an opening would with many other plays; allowing the audience a brief insight into the principal characters and their situation. Some of the major… View Article

In the Dream of the Man that was Dreaming, the Dreamt Man Woke

By traditional definition, perception is anything that can be known through the five senses. However, this quote adds another dimension to the idea about perception. It implies that perception is not dictated by the five senses, but by the brain. If a man perceives something, he has either seen it, heard it, felt it, smelt… View Article

“Pride and Prejudice” offers an intensely personal story

“Pride and Prejudice” offers an intensely personal story, and this story is written in light, airy, sparkling prose and is filled with witty and immensely entertaining dialogue. There are brilliantly drawn characters ranging from Elizabeth’s slightly eccentric mother to the gold-digging military officer Wickham. The two couples that I will be investigating in the following… View Article

Pride and Prejudice Analysis on the Theme of Love

* Ultimately, Pride and Prejudice is a love story in that the way Darcy/Elizabeth and Bingley/Jane finally come together forms the basis of the plot. * True love, as it is represented in the novel, can overcome the odds such as the interference of well-meaning friends as well as pride and prejudice. It lasts over… View Article

Writing as John Proctor on the gallows

So this is it. I never imagined it would all end this, it’s all so scary, everyone is looking at me. Why do they all want to see me die? Should I have just lied and signed to say I was working for the devil? At least then I would stay alive. If I just… View Article