Literature Essay Topics

Money and Happiness, It Never Works Together

Often times if you inherit a large amount of money your life can change forever much like in a lottery, however if you are not careful you may just be the opposite of happy. However, businessmen who earn their money are proud of it, just ask lottery winners who have had their lives altered because… View Article

Coursework Draft-Sci-fi Narrative

I’m fed up of my life. Everyday it’s the same routine. I sat in front of my loyal and reliable pc and opened my notorious chat room. It was quarter to ten and I’ve waited for valuable information to electronically crop up. Out of the blue a bizarre message appeared. “Do you crave for paypal… View Article

Imagine you are a very lonely person

Today it has been three and half years since I was sentenced to jail for four years. My life in jail is very miserable and lonely, because since I came here no one has come to see me, my family and all my friends have disappeared. Today I was sitting near a visitor area; I… View Article

Stone Cold Authors Craft

Write an analytical response to the opening chapters of Robert Swindells’ Stone Cold, with specific reference to the author’s craft. Every novel needs an effective opening. If it wasn’t any good, we probably wouldn’t read the novel! How do authors try and make the opening paragraphs of their books effective? Writers try to hook the… View Article

The Late Clients

Chapter 1 I walked into my office, happy with my achievements today. I had successfully closed a hard case, the client being Elaine Smith. Elaine and I were quite good friends. We are not only on first-name terms, but she calls me ‘Eddy’ rather than Edward. I may have even fallen in love with her… View Article

English Literature

Describe the contemporary education system as it appears at the beginning of ‘Hard Times’. How does Dickens show his distaste for this system up to the end of chapter four? Hard Times is like several other Dickens novels, it’s full of social criticism. Writing in the 1850’s, Charles Dickens was focusing mainly on the Industrial… View Article

Monologue of a young boy

*Kicks his football up against the house wall* I never used to be able to do this. I can do it now though obviously. Me and my dad spent a whole afternoon practising my kicking. “The side of your foot it goes long, the tip of your foot it goes high.” he would say. I… View Article

The significance of ‘the world of grown ups’

What do you think is the significance of ‘the world of grown ups’ in the novel up to the end of chapter 6? Ralph fears he is losing control of the others and is hoping for the restoration of order. “If only they could send us something grownup… a sign or something” With no order… View Article

Michelle and the Wedding

She had been drifting in and out of consciousness in the way only a working man – or woman – could. Spending most of her days tap-tap-tapping away on a keyboard had taken its toll on her, and her attention span was now at the point where she spent most of the afternoon doing the… View Article

Alternative Ending To Catcher in the Rye

Anyway, I really did go home after the carrousel. First, Phoebe and I walked out of the park and took the bus to Grand Central, to get my god dam Gladstone’s out of the strong box there. Though it had stopped hammering down, I was still pretty wet. Boy, it really came down like a… View Article

Nineteenth Century Short Stories

The highly censored and controlled Victorian society contained a large contrast, with a small proportion of the rich-elite, composed often of aristocrats and judges. The majority however, was extremely poor, often struggling to provide for their families let alone themselves. In the strictness of life at the time, many people delved into stories of the… View Article

Was The Meeting Of Romeo And Juliet Fate Or Folly ?

The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet is explained briefly to by the prologue. This prologue tells the audience some background information about the play and how it all started off. The prologue starts off by saying “Two households, both alike in dignity”. This is talking about both the house of Montague and of Capulet,… View Article

An Inspector Calls

I’d thought about it long and hard before, contemplating my decision. I’d tried to deter myself from the idea of becoming one of those women. They were vile, repulsive creatures, thrusting themselves on drunken gentlemen, selling their bodies and their dignities with no receipt. There was no other option. It was a necessity that I… View Article