Literature Essay Topics

A Commentary on ‘Idols’ by Tim Gautreaux

‘Idols’ is centered upon the protagonist’s amoral attitude towards life, which in turn causes him to experience loneliness as well as being unable to maintain the dream of living in his great-grandfather’s mansion. Gautreaux chooses Julian, the protagonist, to be an arrogant and envious character to demonstrate the sorrowful lifestyle as a result of unreasonably… View Article

Hobsons choice-How did hobson lose control?

Henry Horatio Hobson is one of the principal characters of the play and his conflict with his daughters, particularly Maggie, provides the basis of the story line. Hobson is a 55-year-old middle-class man very old fashioned values.This causes the reader to instantly dislike Hobson thanks to the language Brighouse uses when exposing Hobson’s mannerisms to… View Article

Compare the ways in which 3 poets write about relationships

Introduction ‘To his coy mistress’, ‘Remember’ and ‘Since there’s no help…’ are all poems about relationships, the difference is the interpretation of the poet’s message, structure and other various aspects of the poems. ‘To his coy mistress’ by Andrew Marvell and ‘Since there’s no help’ by Michael Drayton were both written around the 16th and… View Article

Explore How Isolation used by both authors?

One way in which Isolation is presented in through social isolation: it can be noted that Piggy is particularly a victim here. Golding states that the “naked crooks of [Piggy’s] knees were plump and that he was “shorter than the fair boy”. From Piggy’s immediate introduction, he is already portrayed as an outsider, in comparison… View Article

How does Hill present childish behaviour in I’m the King of the Castle?

Hill presents childish behaviour through the use of dialogue, description and structure. She highlights that childish behaviour is a characteristic of adults, as well as the children. There are numerous examples of childish behaviour throughout the novel, for example when Hooper and Kingshaw fight over a toy, or when Hooper soils himself. One way in… View Article

How does Miller present Catherine growing up in A View From the Bridge

Over the course of the play, Miller presents Catherine’s growing sense of independence in the Carbone household. At the start of the play Catherine is portrayed as reliant on Eddie, adopting a domestic role, as well as naive and emotionally immature. After Marco and Rodolpho’s arrival, she quickly starts to become aware of her sexuality… View Article

What is the significance of Rodolpho in A View from the Bridge?

Rodolpho is a tool used by Miller used to symbolise various aspects and stereotypes of 1950s America. Miller uses Rodolpho in particular to address certain issues surrounding topics such as McCarthyism, which Rodolpho is seen to be a victim of throughout the play, masculinity, which Rodolpho does not fulfill the stereotype of, and the delusion… View Article

Kingshaw’s Misery in I’m the King of the Castle

Throughout the novel I’m the King of the Castle by Susan Hill, we are constantly aware of the misery felt by twelve-year-old Charles Kingshaw. This, and the way it is shown, is very important in really understanding his character, and what eventually leads him to his own death. Charles Kingshaw has a series of irrational… View Article

I’m the King of the castle by Susan Hill

I’m the King of the castle by Susan Hill is a chilling tale of a childhood bully. The story tells the tale of how a boy called Kingshaw is driven to suicide by his companion Hooper. Kingshaw and his mother moved from their rented apartment in London to Hooper’s cold and evil home the Warnings… View Article

I’m The King Of The Castle by Susan Hill

In my essay I am going to consider all the characters that have had an impact on the final tragedy, where Charles Kingshaw is found dead, having committed suicide. To do this I am going to study the characters individually and explain how they could have been responsible for the final tragedy in ‘ I’m… View Article

The Journey through The Dream

An exotic landscape with pleasant underfoot ground and the freshest air I have ever breathed. That is a place where I can truly relax and unwind. When I am in the countryside, I feel as if I am the last person on earth. Yet through my mood of calm, a piercing unbearable feeling arises. A… View Article