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Mental and Emotional Health

adjustment disorder
Depression or anxiety developed in response to a stressful situation.

Fear of open spaces

A form of dementia

Loss of memory and a decrease in other thought processes.

Which of the following factors can affect mental health?
-physical well-being
-chemical imbalance
-physical characteristics of the brain

Individuals with distorted perceptions of reality causing them to feel anxious, frightened, or confused may suffer from:

Which of the following are common symptoms of depression?
-disturbance of sleep
-decreased energy

Individuals going through dramatic mood shifts in short periods of time may be suffering from:
manic depression

The concept of overall health includes a person’s emotions, social skills, and mental state as well as his physical well being.

It is just as important to develop our _________________ as it is to develop our bodies.

Oftentimes criminals are diagnosed with:
personality disorder

Albert Einstein estimated that we only use about _________________ of our brains.
2 percent

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