Observation Report on Pre School Essay

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Observation Report on Pre School

Share details about your family, your relationship and views on your parents, spouse, brothers and sisters.

I truly believe that being a member of a family is a priceless membership, that we can pay nothing for, but love, with that note I would like to briefly describe the family I was born in, my mother is a science teacher in Pinnacle school for more than a decade. My father, a mechanical engineer is serving Lloyd’s Insulation for more than 30 years. Almighty has been very kind to let me play a role of a big sister to my very special younger brother. Now about the family I was married into, my husband a wonderful man is a software engineer. In my family I have parents in law, a wonderful sister in law, and a very adorable daughter who is Five years old.

1) What was your most significant experience in childhood?

My childhood was an amalgamation of experiences difficult to pinpoint any one. One experience which I can recall was that of building a nest for a baby bird which fell out of its nest. We group of friends nurtured and looked after that bird for as long as we can , gave it a nice cozy handkerchief box which I made in my school in the S.U.P.W class. As we grew and went to college my group of friends one day purchased a tiny puppy from the by lanes of Karol Bagh. Got the puppy back home and happily took turns to look after the puppy. One of the significant experiences of childhood was going to Aurangabad for my graduation. It taught me a lot about life and how to deal with the real world.

2) What were your memories of school days? Did you enjoy them?

I have fond memories of the beautiful church our school compound had which I use to visit as a child early in the morning after getting down from the school bus. Our school had a little pond which had lot of Tadpoles in it. As kids I really enjoyed feeding them during recess time. I also enjoyed our dance class which we had in the school, sound of Ghungroo’s is still their in my memories. I enjoyed my music class at school we learnt a lot of beautiful songs their. I also remember standing Fifth in the fifth standard after burning the midnight oil.

3) Which teachers have the most impact and influence on you? Why?

As a child till reaching college I came across many special teachers which left a mark on me. One such teacher was Mr.Jairam in my college in Aurangabad; He taught us Revenue management in college. His dedication to teach his subject was very well reflected in his lectures. For a tough question he uses to often say “This is not rocket science”. Another teacher which is close to my heart was an art teacher whom I use to go to as a child. She bought out so much creativity in me and made paint most difficult of paintings. She use to often treat us with goodies like Cookies and apple juice.

4) Why did you decide to consider teaching as a career?

I discovered my love for children and teaching after my daughter was born. Being a hotel management graduate I decided to switch to teaching purely to express my love for children. It gives me great platform to express my creativity and carry back so much home to talk to my dear daughter.

5) As Head of school what are the innovative programs you would introduce?

As Head of school I would like to introduce an evening school for the deserving children who want to study but economically can’t afford it. I would like training and workshops for the teachers for self improvement and their growth.

6) What are your personal strengths and which areas do you need to improve?

My personal strength is to make people talk. Being a patient person I don’t give up on my students I keep getting back to them till they get the lesson. Areas I need improvement in can be in organizing things in advance.

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