Psychology Essay Examples

Psychology First Impression

The aim of the research was to carry out a similar study of Luchins(1957) which found that the first piece of information received about an individual often bears more weight ( stronger ) than information gained later so as to see whether first impression is relevant in the 21st century. The alternative hypothesis is that… View Article

What are the uses of Psychology to People at Work?

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes (Hilgard, 1996). An understanding of this can be a useful tool for many different groups of people in the work environment, who all have their own interests in what psychology has to offer. Such groups to benefit include managers, employees, Human Resources specialists and Trade… View Article

Psychology assignment

Conformity involves a change in behaviour or opinion in order to fit in with a group. This may be family or peers (a membership group) or it may be pop and sports stars (a reference group). This group can be either a majority or a minority group. (S-cool Student Site) Two processes have been identified in… View Article

Practices in Psychology

Cultural bias is one of many biases to be found in psychological research. If you look at different research studies in Psychology then you will see that the majority of that research has been carried out in Western society and has been applied to the rest of the world not recognising that there might be… View Article

Psychology and Crime

There are a number of other theories developed by researchers including Bandura (1986), Beck (1982), Ellis (1976) and Ross and Fabiano (1985) describing cognitive structures or thinking frameworks that lead to troubled or criminal behaviour. These theories suggest that how an individual thinks about an external event, not the event itself, can trigger feelings that… View Article

Developmental Psychology

Jean Piaget (1986-1980) studied the development of children’s understanding, through observing, talking and listening to children whilst he carried out exercises that he set. He was particularly interested in how children learn and adapt to the world around them and in order for adjustment or adaptation to work, there must be constant interaction between the… View Article

Developmental Psychology

Cognitive development involves developing concepts of thought, problem solving and memory (Green. 2002). Jean Piaget (1896-1980) and Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) were both psychologists, which focused on cognitive development and the way in which children’s thought and reasoning developed as they matured. This assignment shall begin by describing and evaluating the theories put forward by Piaget… View Article

Forensic Psychology and the Prison Service

The two programmes mentioned above have similar objectives and use comparable methods. The curriculum includes teaching problem-solving skills, perspective taking and social skills, creative thinking, moral reasoning, management of emotions, and critical reasoning’ (Blud et al, 2003). To pass through the first stage of selection for a cognitive skills programme in HM Prison Service, offenders… View Article

Piaget’s Developmental Psychology

Piaget (1896-1980) believed that there was a quantitative difference between the intelligence of adults, young children and older children. He believed adults have better knowledge of the world and because children do not use the same logic in there thinking. He believed that children’s logic changed as they developed through their four stages of life… View Article

Approaches to Psychology

The psychoanalytic approach was started and developed mainly in Europe between 1900 and 1939 by Sigmund Freud, a Viennese doctor who specialized in neurology. As a doctor, he became interested in the field of hysteria – the manifestation of physical symptoms without physical causes – and became convinced that unconscious mental causes were responsible, and… View Article

Psychology experiments

When conducting psychology research, there are several important standards that must be observed in order to protect study participants. Ethics are a set of moral principles used to guide human behaviour. When these guidelines are breached, they become ethical issues. Nowadays the British Psychology Society (BPS) uses a set of ethical guidelines for all psychology… View Article

Social psychology and conformity

There are, of course, many variants in this scenario that may have an effect. The number of people in the group is a vital factor. Variants to the Asch experiment revealed that conformity is far less likely when the group is less than three. This is due to the obvious fact that a ration of… View Article

Psychology Cae Studies

1) Newspaper Advertisement: -self selecting persons who had an interest in seeing the study become successful. If you volunteer to become a part of a study clearly you have an interest and feel a sense of responsibility towards the experiment. 2) Subjects were predominately white and middle class. This implies that the subjects are from similar… View Article

Psychology Phobias Coursework

The area studied for this study is phobias, by adapting the work of Bennett Levy and Marteau. The alternative hypothesis was whether the participant disliked a particular thing about the animal; in particular it being likely to bite, being ugly, or having a strange texture, they will also give a high fear rating. A survey was completed… View Article