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SOC/3/27/14 chapter 31 section 1

Why were the ideas of Einstein and Freud revolutionary?
Peoples uncertainty and the unknown started to be answered with changed the world in that people believed in science father then faith.

How did literature in the 1920s reflect the uncertainty of the period?
The brutality of WW1 caused writers to question accepted ideas about reason and progress and even religion. They even feared the future and began to doubt traditional religious beliefs

what impact did the increased use of the automobile have on average people?
increased auto use by middle class, life style changes, travel for pleasure, new business opened, affected where people lived, people moved to suburbs and commented to work.

Why do you think writhers and artist began exploring the unconscious?
After Freud’s ideas manny artist began to think above and beyond reality. i think this is because questions about the world were answered and made people imagine beyond.

why did some woman begin demanding more political and social freedom?
Due to manny woman having to take over mens work during the war woman began to demand the right to vote and to be treated equal after realizing they can do what a man can do there for they should be equal.

why were new medical treatments and inventions developed during world war 1?
Manny inventions and medical treatments were invented in order to improve health and improve in battle during the war. Because of these inventions they were put to use in post war time.

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