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Society and Education Essay

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Society and Education

Young people’s decision making is influenced by a number of social factors. Identify three major influences and discuss their impact. Today young people are regarded as the troubled community within the society we Live in, however it is the young people who are to set out our future in years to come. Their decisions is life will determine how this world is run, and society as a whole Should not judge but encourage them to succeed in whatever they should decide to Pursue a career in. It is therefore essential that certain social factors will influence

Their decisions. I have identified three of the major factors, which I believe have the highest amount of Influence on youth and what they decide to do in the future, the three factors I have Chosen are; Family, Society and Education. These three summarise the life of a child And can have a major effect on what they choose to do in life, whether higher Education is an option or a life of unemployment and seeking other opportunities Arise. Family Family is defined as a universal social group, which live within the same household.

Today families are identified as the main source for the growth of a young child, Without a family the child would merely be able to grow into a well brought up child In society. The family constructs of a mother and a father, perhaps a sibling also. However in some communities the case of a family is split in two, the father is mainly The main culprit for the split and the mother becomes the main influence over the Child. However if the young person is a male, the problem arises that they have no Father to look up to, or a father figure in fact, therefore it is essential that families

Work together for their children’s sake. If the male child has no father it can influence The decisions they make in the future due to the guidance issues they have faced in the Past, this can be the same case vice-versa with the mother and daughter situation. ” The family holds within itself the future of society…. the family is the vital environment where every child brought into the world is welcomed” (Pope John Paul 2nd (1993)) The quote above taken from Pope John Paul 2nd is a vital quote of which societies can.

Base their family life upon, however each society is different, in some areas of Liverpool it can be said that family life is not the most rewarding and most families end in Divorce or a major split, affecting the child. The child is therefore affected by the way the parent or main family member in the household treats them, this can affect the Way the child reacts to certain decisions in life. If the adult treats the child with Disrespect and violence then the child’s future will likely involve the same decisions, Instead of a life in higher education and achievement.

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