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Sustainable Development Essay

Sustainable development is a very important concept in human life as well as the entire living things. Sustainable development entails that we are using the available resources to meet our current needs, without making the future generation unable to meet their needs. Sustainable development is more tied with the social challenges that human beings constantly faces. Furthermore, we cannot base sustainable development only to environmental issues, but it rather entails social and economic issues.

Looking at the arguments based on the Easter Island civilization, it is when we can know the importance of sustainable development. There have been many versions given explaining how the Island became distinct, but the most recent research indicates that the people on the Island destroyed their own life when they started deforestation (Butler, 2005). The native Easter Islanders were surrounded by many types of vegetation, with big trees that are evidenced by the statues and canoes found in the region.

The society was self sustaining in terms of firewood, and other resources found in the forest. However, with time, there was a complete new complex social structure that developed. There was the development of a centralized form of government and religious leaders emerged (Butler, 2005). Due to the civilization cases, the Islanders started to build the statues, by the use of forest trees like the palm, and with time, the palm was no more.

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Therefore, when the palm tree became extinct, the Islanders were unable to make canoes that took them to the look for food in the ocean; they turned to the animals on the land for their food. These animals also started to reduce in numbers and with time, they became extinct. There were animals that were important in helping the pollination of the seeds of some of the trees and other vegetations, but as these animals were extinct, there was no pollination, and the trees’ seeds could not be dispersed, also making many tree species extinct.

With no forests, there was no rain, and many other crops could not germinate while the soil lost fertility. The people turned to grass as a substitute for wood fuel. With all this and above all no food, the Islanders were faced with starvation, and with time the society’s population was wiped out. Taking this whole story, we see that the entire problem started just because of deforestation, but the effect was enormous.

This is exactly what is happening to the Amazon forests and if the steps are not taken, we can see the impact that might be caused considering the population that depends on this forest. Therefore, it is important to note how useful it is to have our natural resources used in a good way to avoid losing quality of life. This can be attained by having good governance policies that will ensure that our natural resources are protected from a few greedy people who might not think of the future generation, but rather be thinking of their immediate benefits (Dobriansky, 2002).

Therefore we have to continue partnering with the government and other private sectors to see that we address all the challenges that can face the sustainable development.


Butler. R. A (2005): Easter Island Mystery revealed using mathematical model, retrieved on 7th October 2008 from http://news. mongabay. com/2005/0901-easter_island. html. Dobriansky . P J (2002): Making Sustainable Development Work: Governance, Finance and Public-Private Cooperation, retrieved on 7th October 2008 from http://www. state. gov/g/oes/rls/rm/2002/12029. htm.

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