Teaching Essay Examples

Sustainable Design and Its Place in my Pedagogy

I believe that a person needs to know how to make (they need an understanding of the theories of manufacture at very least). They need to have that skill before they can become an accomplished designer. Equally, I believe that a maker needs to have a good understanding of the design process (they need a… View Article

Teaching And Learning Activities

Introduction There are many teaching and learning activities which are used to achieve lesson plan aims and objectives. The choice will depend upon a number of factors, such as the domain and level of objective. For example, the most appropriate activities to learn a motor skill is through demonstration and individual practice whereas to gain… View Article

Child health issue

The things that come to mind when we think about health are the well-being of mind and body, the mental and physical well-being, disease and illness, social well-being and many more. Although health is measured by the amount of disease and illnesses there are, it is difficult to define health. According to the World Health… View Article

The incoming UK government

In 1997, the incoming UK government provided The National Literacy Strategy, a ‘steady and consistent’1 means of raising standards of literacy, in English primary schools. The motive behind raising these standards was for the economy because if the levels of literacy were to low in a significant proportion of the population, then the economy could… View Article

Class Observation Report

Introduction Teaching English is never easy, however, teaching English to speakers of other languages is especially a challenge. The purpose of this report is to point out ‘good’ ESOL teaching by observing a TESOL class. The class which I observed is Master of English (International) at Melbourne University Private (MUP). This report includes the backgrounds… View Article

The EYFS For Toddlers

Assessor Please use this proforma to report on the activity you have undertaken. In the right-hand column, you should record the principal standards that you think that you have evidenced by this activity: use the reference numbers S1-S39. Throughout your account ensure that you explain the rationale for your decisions. 2.1: Nature of the activity… View Article

Literacy Development in Afterschool program at Yeronga State High School

Introduction Yeronga State High School was established in 1959 by Queensland Government on 60 acres of land. This school comprises of student from more than 60 cultural and linguistic back grounds, many students come from Africa, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. More than 90% of this population is refugees coming from war-torn countries suffering from war… View Article

Trace the historical development of physical education

Trace the historical development of physical education and discuss the effects that these developments have had on your opportunities to develop performance in your chosen activities The historical development of physical education has had a significant effect on my opportunities and personal performance. I will be investigating the effect of historical development of physical education… View Article

Write a critical comparison of two pieces of research

Rationale When choosing the two pieces of research to compare, I sought a topic that interested and was of relevance to me. According to Hammersley and Scarth (1993) the function of educational research is to inform policy-makers and practitioners and consequently to improve education (p.216). Subsequently the aim of this essay is not only to… View Article

Historical Perspectives in Special Education

Autism Spectrum Disorder There are many different definitions for the term special education. An effective definition for special education is that its specialized instruction that students with disabilities are entitled to receive as articulated in IDEA, (Friend, M). There are many different disabilities that can entitle a student to special education. Students are entitled due… View Article

Developing the Global Dimension in Schools and in Classrooms

The School The school where I carried out the research for my report is St Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic High School in Oldham. The pupils come from a wide variety of backgrounds including English and Irish working class, Pakistani, Indian, Black Caribbean, Black African, Travellers, Polish and pupils who are of mixed race. The… View Article

Planning & Teaching

Critically evaluate the importance of active learning as an approach to planning & Teaching the foundation curriculum subjects. As we enter a new and exciting time in education it is a time to reflect on recent change & reform within the education sector. In 1989 a shock wave was felt throughout schools with the introduction of the… View Article

Teaching Art To Young Children

Some of the children stuck the squares of material outside the shoe outline at first but through discussion and questioning they understood that the material needed to go inside the outline. One child went to the Shoe Shop in nursery a got a shoe to copy a pattern on the side and the colour of… View Article