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Teaching How To Read Essay



Preschool teachers increasingly feel pressure from parents and administrators to accelerate learning within the classroom. Before you resort to flashcards and worksheets, consider the natural progression of literacy skills for young children. Age-appropriate reading activities foster a love of reading and provide a foundation of emerging skills. Reading to the children in your classroom everyday is the most important component of any literacy program. Teaching reading at this early age doesn’t mean formal lessons that are common in later school years; it simply means exposing very young children to language and books in a very natural way. The four-pronged approach I used in my Kindergarten pupils will be assessed based on the reading skills/abilities they will acquired from June up to November. The reading skills/abilities will be observable during my class hours. I had prepared Reading Skills/Abilities Checklist or Phonological Awareness Checklist based on the four-pronged approach.

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The four-pronged approach was first developed by Professor Basilisa Manhit of the College of Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman. The philosophical foundations of the four-prong approach are the following: literature-based, holistic, and places emphasis on the process of transfer. This approach has evolved through the years with the consistent use by the teachers of the University of the Philippines Integrated School Kindergarten to Grade II (U.P.I.S. K-2) and with the input of the other members of the faculty of the Reading Education Area of the same university. The four-pronged approach was composed of four parts: (1) Genuine love for reading; (2) Critical Thinking; (3) Mastery of the Structures of the Language; (4) Transfer Stage


How do you assess the reading skills/abilities of your kindergarten pupils?


Based on the collective results of the reading skills/abilities acquired by 32 pupils in Kinder- Bughaw, 100 % of the pupils can identify identical words presented orally; identify number of words in a sentence presented orally; recognizes words that rhyme, supplies words that rhyme; segments syllables in words through clapping and counts syllables in words. In the reading skills, identifying the location of sounds in words (beginning, final) 85% of the pupils already acquired the skills. And 80% of the pupils already know how to blends syllables in words; blends phonemes in words; and segments words into phonemes.

As a result the most important thing for you to remember is that “reading” is much more that sounding out words! While it may seem obvious to adults, reading is the result of many small skills that build one upon the other. Knowing what these emerging reading skills are and helping your child learning and practice these skills should be part of your daily routine.


As a result of this action research, I therefore recommend the following:
1. The teacher should continue to use the four-pronged approach to help their pupils become a successful reader.
2. The teacher should develop the phonemic and phonological awareness to be able to read simple words and sentences.
3. The teacher should include the phonemic awareness in their everyday lesson so that the learning will be progressive.
4. The teacher should prepare Instructional Materials that will help the pupils develop their phonological awareness.
5. The teacher should understand the basic steps in teaching reading to the kindergarten pupils because it will serve as their foundation in loving reading during their formal schooling.

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