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Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Nowadays, one of the major problems in our country is the rapid increase of population. Teenage pregnancy is a big part of this problem. From 2000 to 2010, the number of live births by teenage mothers in the Philippines rose by 60 percent. A total of 207,898 mothers aged below 20 years old gave birth in 2010. In 2000, however, this number was only 126,025, NSO said. Many of the teenagers admitted that they have already been doing or engaged in premarital sex and were now facing the problem of pregnancy and not knowing about the consequences and future responsibilities of being a mother. Teenagers who are engaged on this situation create a very big impact to their personality development due to the broken pattern of a person’s life development.

Even though they are not mature enough they are being forced by the situation to cover up the immaturity that they were still dealing with. Nevertheless, they come up to ignore their fruitful child and in some cases abortion or forced abortion come to their minds to escape from responsibilities that are immoral. As no exhaustive researches have been done to this matter, this study is an attempt to document qualitatively on unmarried teenage mothers. It is very important to give prior attention to unmarried teenage mothers because they are not very well aware regarding pregnancy and its upcoming responsibilities. This study could be very useful for some professionals that are conducting research, too. Findings from the study could be a very good resource in the production of information, communication, education materials for teenage group and students.

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Research Problem
The study aims the following questions:
1. What is the demographic profile of respondents when grouped according to:
a. age
b. educational attainment
c. Religion
d. monthly family income
e. whom the respondent lives with
f. occupation

2 .What are the possible consequences face by young unmarried mothers in terms of:
a. Poverty
b. Ostracism
c. reduced chances of getting married
3.What are the changes in life role as single parent
A. Habits
b. views on marriage
c. views on unmarried motherhood
d. motivating factor(hope)
4. what are the impacts to teens of parenthood?
a. time
b. cost
c. educational impact
5. what are the

Significance of the Study
This study is conducted to help the pregnant teenagers that are unmarried regarding health monitoring and prenatal care. The findings will be beneficial to the following:

Community. This study is beneficial to the community through information about right child bearing and prenatal care. They will be more aware of the situation of a pregnant teenager.

Future researchers. This study will serve as a reference to them in conducting their own research. It will be a lot useful for them especially if they do the same concept.

Nursing practice. This study will serve as a guide in which the practice in prenatal care and proper child bearing.

Chapter 2
Review of literature

The sexual revolution has ushered in a period in which the average adolescent experiences tremendous pressures to have sexual experiences of all kinds. Filipino teens get a higher exposure to sex from the Internet, magazines, TV shows, movies and other media than decades ago, yet without any corresponding increase in information on how to handle the input. So kids are pretty much left to other kids for opinions and value formation when it comes to sex.

Sexual misinformation is therefore equally shared in the group. Parents at home and teachers in school feel equally inadequate or uneasy to discuss the topic of sex with youngsters. The problem mounts because the barkada (gang) has a more profound influence than parents do and they exert pressure and expect theadolescent to conform to the rest of them.

In fact, female adolescents whose friends engage in sexual behavior were found to be more likely to do the same compared to those who do not associate with such peers. If the teen perceives her peers to look negatively at premarital sex, she was more likely to start sex at a later age.

Statistics in the United States show that each year, almost 1 million teenage women 10 percent of all women aged 15-19 and 19 percent of those who have had sexual intercourse become pregnant and one-fourth of teenage mothers have a second child within two years of their first. To be young in the Philippines means having many problems, one of which is sexual in nature, recent studies have pointed out. Sexually related problems include teenage pregnancies. There are disturbing reports of increasing abortion cases (illegal in this country) among the young. The majority of Filipinos aged 15-24 have been attracted to the opposite sex and in turn have been actively courted by men. In their dating behavior and pre-marital sex experience, young women in the villages apparently do not differ from their sisters in the cities. About one eight young women admitted having had sex prior to marriage. These encounters were usually repeated.

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