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The film Pretty Woman Essay

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The film Pretty Woman

We recently watched the film Pretty Woman, which was directed by American Hollywood producer Garry Marshall, who had previously produced 70’s T. V sitcoms, such as Happy Days, Mork & Mindy, and Laverne & Shirley. This film was made between 24th July 1989 and 18th October 1989, and was then released on 23rd March 1990. Pretty Woman cost $14million to make, but was a huge hit and in the U. S alone it made $178million, furthermore it made $478million worldwide.

The story of Pretty Woman is based on George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, and the musical and 1964 film My Fair Lady, in which Rex Harrison plays Professor Higgins and Audrey Hepburn plays flower seller Eliza Doolittle. The soundtrack for this film was ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’, which was sung by Roy Orbison. In Pretty Woman Richard Gere plays wealthy and ruthless businessman, Edward Lewis, and Julia Roberts plays Vivien Ward who is a young prostitute.

Pretty Woman starts with Edward breaking up with his girlfriend, so he takes a drive to Beverly Hills and unintentionally picks up prostitute Vivien, when he is trying to work out how to drive his lawyer’s wife’s car. He explains to her that he buys companies that are starting to deteriorate, breaks them up and then sells them for a profit. He needs someone to take to a business meal the next evening, so he gives her $3000 to stay with him for the week.

Vivien goes shopping on Rodeo Drive to buy a dress for the dinner, and she is treated very badly. The next day he takes her shopping and because of his wealth she is treated very differently. Through spending time with Vivien, Edward begins doubting his ruthless business techniques, and ends up help companies that are weakening. The director shows a lot of contrast between Edward and Vivien’s life. The opening line from the magician was “No matter what they say, it’s all about money.

” This gives you an indication of what Edwards’s life is about. The first time you see this is in the opening scene of the film. “In Edwards world, it shows a close up on money, which shows you that is all Edwards life revolves around, and that he has plenty of it. He breaks up with his girlfriend because she says that he puts business before anything else. He then goes to look for his ex-girlfriend Susan, and asked her if she spoke to his secretary more than him.

Susan then told him that his secretary was her bridesmaid. When you first see Vivien, she is on her way to a bar, which is used by street gangs to find her flat mate Kit. Vivien has to leave her dingy flat though the fire escape because her she can’t afford to pay the rent. Edward lives in his huge Bel Air mansion, whereas Vivien lives in a not very pleasant flat, which she shares with her friend Kit, and between them they can’t afford to pay rent. So again, the difference between the two characters is because of money.

When Edward takes Vivien to the penthouse suite in the hotel Vivien is shocked by the size of it, but it is just normal to Edward, as he regularly stays in it, because it is the best. Edward seems to be more civilised than Vivien, because when he sits on a seat or chair, she always perches herself in the most awkward place. When you are shown Vivien’s world, the colours are always vivid and trashy, but in Edwards’s world, the colours are always grey and black.

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