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The car crisis

Although wood is the largest source of biomass energy, we also use corn, sugarcane wastes, and other farming byproducts. There are three ways to use biomass. It can be burned to produce heat and electricity, changed to a gas-like fuel such as methane, or changed to a liquid fuel. Liquid fuels, also called biofuels, include… View Article

Why ban college football?

Why banned college football? That’s the real question. College football truly means something to most Americans! Most college football players don’t even get paid to play the sport. Though there are many good arguments and opinions about banning the sport; I have yet to see an argument that considers the players individual situations. All the… View Article

The love for American football

Someone who is from another country like me, may believe that life in the United States is very diverse from life anywhere else. Countless people from other countries have a completely distorted image of how we may live there in America and the mentalities thatthey all posess. Not all of Americans are spoiled, overweight, or… View Article

The emergence of organized sport

Philosophical influences in early American sport and fitness From the late 1700s to the mid-1800s, three nations–Germany, Sweden, and England–influenced the early development of physical education in the United States. German immigrants introduced the Turner Societies, which advocated a system of gymnastics training that utilized heavy apparatus (e. g. , side horse, parallel and horizontal… View Article

What rights this amendment guarantee or protect?

Amendment: bail, fines, punishment. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. The Court guarantees an indiscriminate penalty and imposition of punishment. As provided by Amendments 5, 6 and 7, the due process and indictment regard humanitarian treatment to the accused in which this particular Amendment 8th… View Article

The United States

The special education department consists of twenty-five staff, including ten paraprofessional support staff and teachers in the categories of gifted education, hearing impairment, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, cognitive impairment (severe mental handicaps, trainable mental handicaps, and educable mental handicaps), and one inclusion specialist. These categories are broadly similar across the United States. Students included in… View Article

Review of related literature and studies

This chapter presents a review of related literature and studies that serving as a background and frame of preference upon which conceptual framework was formulated. This material gave much background and information for the present study. Related Literature (12 page single space) p 7-21 2. 1 Slavery 2. 1. 1 Timeline of Significant Events. The… View Article

Importance of hunting

Like baseball and apple pie, hunting is an American tradition shared by young and old, rich and poor, regardless of social or economic status. Three out of every ten people are against hunting but for what reasons? What makes them stand out from the seven out of ten that are for hunting? My preference supports… View Article

Theoretical methodologies

Research Design Population The population to test the hypothesis is a group of 102 students’ data collected from various universities across the United States. The sampling included a systematic random sampling method to ensure that students from all kinds of universities and economic and academic backgrounds – the focus was to ensure that the sample… View Article

Inter-American system of human rights protection

Human Rights are certain inherent, inalienable, immutable, inviolate freedoms and rights of man which no one can take away. These include the right to life, liberty, equality and dignity. The United States of America recognizing these rights established the Inter American system of Human Rights by adopting the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties… View Article

In the United States, many states

The rescue game, a joint social responsibility, must be approached with a lot of tact and undying resilience. With mortality rates on the high and visible evidences of the cause stirring us in the face, we are left with but one question, just one: who is the real killer? The very undeniable frequent recurrence of… View Article

Summary of analysis

A summary of analysis of the text, its introduction and further consideration of the Bill along with a numerical analysis of its non cloture in Senate in 1991-92 confirms the hypothesis that conservatives prefer limited federal impositions on states as against liberals who are more inclined towards limited state autonomy. This is evident from non… View Article

Ideological support for state independence

Introduction In federal polity, there is a need to provide for regulations to balance federal and state authorities. The rights of the state and the federal government should be clearly defined so that there is no infringement of one by the other. There are many cases where states and local bodies feel that their rights… View Article

Samsung Corporation

The presentation was intended to discuss my most admired person born outside the United States, and I have chosen Kun Hee Lee, the CEO of Samsung Corporation. My admiration of Kun Hee Lee stems from the fact that he possesses fearless leadership, exercises quality management with passion, and has exemplary skills of “getting the right… View Article

The United States

In the beginning slavery was throughout the United States, however it faded out of the North simply because it did not pay and at the turn of the century people from each side assumed that it would eventually fade all together. This did not happen because in 1793 Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, an… View Article