What Is Meant by Sustainable Competitive Advantage Essay

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What Is Meant by Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sustainable competitive is what all the companies want to gain it and maintain it, it can let the company to keep the position of market leadership and let the company be successful.

Evans et al. (2003, p.225) states that “no advantage is sustainable for ever, as competitors will seek to imitate it. “It has told that a sustainable competitive advantage it should be unique and can’t be copy easily by the competitors, also Evans et al. (2003, p.225) mention that reputation is one of the potential sustainable competitive advantages, it can help the company provide long-lasting advantage like the British Airways, Thomson and American Express testifies. However reputation needs a faultless service and products to support the building and development of the reputation it may hard for the small to medium company compare with the mega company.

To keep going for the topic and what mean by Evans et al. (2003, p.225) the advantage will imitate by your competitors, so a sustainable competitive advantage need to been innovation and keep learning new elements. Silverthorne (2009) has simple to conclude what said by Ray Stata(Chairman of the Board in Analog Devices): become a learning organization. Create an enterprise in which individuals and the organization as a whole learn more quickly than its competitors. The success of the ADI can let us know that sustainable competitive advantage is what it needs to keep learning to let your step move faster than your competitors to maintain the competitive advantage.

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